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Vapor Chess
Vapor Chess Engine by Mike Leany
Vapor Chess Engine by Mike Leany


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It's been nearly two years since I released Vapor v0.01, and finally I found some time to work on my chess engine. So now I am releasing Vapor v0.02, "deja vu", but only for linux for now. You can find it at
I added the ability to detect draws by repetition and by the 50-move rule, which cut draws nearly in half (avoiding many draws which should have been wins) and gave an improvement of roughly 35 Elo. I also added a transposition table, which gives an additional 160 Elo improvement for the default size of 256 MB. This gives a total improvement of roughly 195 Elo over Vapor v0.01.
Unfortunately I can only release a Linux version at this time, due to code which my Windows cross-compiler doesn't like. Once I rewrite that portion, I will release a version for Windows (even though you should really all be running Linux anyway).
Also, note that the Linux binary was built and tested on Ubuntu 10.10. I make no guarantee that it will run on your Linux distrubution, whatever that may be.
Yep, I said Ubuntu 10.10; stupid Unity!
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It's been nearly two years since Vapor v0.01 ("Condensation") was released, but I finally got some more programming done. I added repetition and 50-move draw detection, as well as transposition tables, which together give a good improvement. A lot fewer draws and a lot more wins. I'm in the process of doing some minor tweaks and major testing. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I should release Vapor v0.02 ("Deja Vu") sometime in the coming weeks.
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