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SATISFIED CLIENT: George Zulakis recently completed representation of a mid-Michigan juvenile who had been suspended from high school for one week after school officials found marijuana in his locker. The minor was charged in juvenile court facing a juvenile record for Possession of Marijuana. Proactive measures were taken by client at the direction of Attorney Zulakis, including a substance abuse assessment and drug and alcohol testing. Mr. Zulakis was able to persuade the court to place client on its "Consent Calendar." Successful completion by client of probation under court's Consent Calendar will result in no juvenile record, as if he were never charged. Clients were pleased with the outcome.

RECENT SUCCESS: George Zulakis recently completed representation of a middle-aged iron worker & the sole supporter of his family who was stopped in mid-Michigan following an accident & charged with driving on a revoked license. Client's license had been revoked following three prior convictions for drunk driving. Client had also been previously charged with driving on a suspended license. Client faced a likely jail sentence & loss of employment & ultimate inability to support his family. George Zulakis was able to persuade prosecuting officials to reduce the charge to No Valid Ops in Possession, along with an agreement to Client only paying fines and costs. Client avoided jail time & was able to maintain his employment.

RECENT SUCCESS: George Zulakis recently completed representation of a young man who was stopped for speeding and who was ultimately arrested for driving while intoxicated, BAC .11. At the direction of Mr. Zulakis, client engaged in several corrective interventions, including educational programs, to demonstrate to the prosecuting officials that Client was not likely to be a repeat offender. Prosecuting officials agreed that client did not have a drinking issue. Though prosecution of individuals who do not have a drinking "problem" typically ends in a drinking and driving conviction which will remain on one's criminal record for the rest of their lives, prosecuting officials in this case were sensitive to Client's unique employment & travel requirements, requiring travel to Canada, Mexico, & throughout the world. Given the current law in Canada and Mexico prohibiting entry of persons convicted of any drinking & driving offense, & in Canada which prohibits entry to persons convicted of reckless driving as well, Client was facing a likely inability to travel with any type of criminal conviction & ultimately the end of his job & career. The net result of negotiations with prosecuting officials was that the drinking & driving offense was dismissed with client accepting responsibility to a civil infraction of careless driving, which carries three points, is not a crime, & will not prevent Client from traveling for his work. Client was pleased with the outcome and appreciated the extraordinary result.

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As of June 2016, President Obama has commuted the sentences of 348 persons, a number greater than that of the past seven presidents combined.

RECENT SUCCESS: George Zulakis recently completed representation of a 23-year-old Mid-Michigan man charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Narcotics (Percocet), Carrying a Weapon in an Automobile, & Felony Firearm following a traffic stop related to an alleged road rage incident. Search of the vehicle following traffic infraction resulted in locating several Percocet pills and a hand gun, that although properly registered to client, was lacking a permit to carry in Client's vehicle. The evidence established that Client was selling opiates to sustain his own opiate addiction which, in turn, was Client's method of self-treating numerous improperly diagnosed & improperly treated mental health conditions. At the direction of Mr. Zulakis, Client was psychologically tested and began a substance abuse treatment program, as well as drug and alcohol testing. With support of Client's family, Client sought and initiated mental health treatment as well. Following negotiations with prosecuting attorney, the Felony Firearm charge was dismissed, with client pleading guilty to the drug & carrying a weapon offenses. However, per further agreement with the prosecutor and the court, Client was placed in a mental health specialty treatment court and on Holmes Youthful Trainee status. If Client successfully completes all programming, all criminal charges will be dismissed & he will not have a criminal record. No additional jail time was imposed. Client is happy & looking forward to receiving appropriate mental health care & sustained sobriety.

Client failed to yield, resulting in an at-fault collision with another vehicle. Though police were contacted, Client left the scene before police arrived. Client was cited with a civil infraction of Failure to Yield, & a misdemeanor charge of Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident which carries 6 points. Inasmuch as the potential conviction involved a motor vehicle, this conviction would not be expungable and would remain on Client's record for the remainder of Client's life. Mr. Zulakis was able to direct Client to engage in certain corrective measures, including a driver improvement course. Negotiations with the prosecuting official yielded a dismissal of the misdemeanor, as well as a dismissal of the moving violation. Client accepted responsibility to 2 civil infractions of Impeding Traffic. Impeding Traffic is a 0-point non-moving violation which does not get reported to the Secretary of State. Client's criminal record and driving record remain free of any violations.

RECENT SUCCESS: Client was arrested & charged for a Domestic Violence offense in connection with an incident where he was alleged to have punched a member of his family in the face, causing injuries. Client undertook numerous proactive measures per direction of George Zulakis, including participation in a Domestic Violence Intervention program.  He also engaged in mental health treatment as well as substance abuse counseling.  Attorney Zulakis was able to demonstrate to prosecuting authorities that the offense was not likely to be repeated. As a result, the case was dismissed.

Baird & Zulakis, P.C., is proud to announce that Martindale Hubbell has given George Zulakis its highest rating, AV Preeminent, for the 2016 year. Martindale Hubbell ranks attorneys based on legal skills and ethical standing utilizing a peer review rating system. George Zulakis has received this honor every year, commencing in 1999.

Baird & Zulakis, P.C., is proud to announce that George Zulakis has been named in the top 1% of the American Registry's "America's Most Honored Professionals." 

A mid-Michigan student who was current serving probation through a diversion program for their first Minor in Possession of Alcohol in a neighboring county was charged and arrested for another Minor in Possession of Alcohol as well as a charge of Resisting/Obstructing Police Officers. Client engaged in a number of proactive measures at the direction of George Zulakis, including certain classes, and community service. After client had successfully completed all programming as requested by Mr. Zulakis, Mr. Zulakis was able to persuade the prosecuting official to dismiss both criminal charges in exchange for client's acceptance of responsibility to two civil infractions/littering tickets. Inasmuch as client was not convicted of any new criminal event, his probationary Diversion program on the previous case, should be completed successfully.
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