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Does Google really hate generalists?
Find out today with +Ray Hiltz +Scott Scowcroft +Jessica Dewell +Randy Bowden +Ryan Hanley and me
Is it better to be a Generalist or a Specialist?
The debate about which is better, to be a generalist or a specialist has been going on for a long time.
But it hasn't been until the rise of the internet and content marketing that it seems to be on everyone's lips.
(Ok, maybe not your Aunt Bertha's)

I had planned on having this topic on our lunch menu since I read our special guest,+Ryan Hanley' post last summer: Google Has Killed the Generalist and No One Cares

When I first saw the title, I thought Ryan was bemoaning the death of the “Generalist” and sad that no one cared. Wrong!

In the intro to his Google+ share of his post he wrote:

"We all want to rank for everyone thing we could ever possibly sell someone. That's the dream, right?

Unfortunately it's not a reality and over and over again I see businesses with good intentions diluting their digital marketing results while trying to be everything to everyone.

Stop. Now. Google hates you for it.”

...Well, that seems pretty clear.

I've been a fan of Ryan for some time having followed him on social, as well as being a regular listener to his Content Warfare podcast.
I just purchased his new book - Content Warfare.

Join Ryan and the #RayBunch  and leave your questions and comments about whether you think being Generalists are an endangered species.

Be sure to stick around for the last 5 minutes of the show when we'll be serving our Lunch Bunch Take-Out - tips and links to resources relating to the day's topic.

Watching on mobile? Here's the YouTube link: ....

*The #RayBunch  are:

+Scott Scowcroft - The ScottTreatment:

+Randy Bowden - Bowden2Bowden marketing & branding virtual consultancy firm: - Twitter:@bowden2bowden

+Jessica Dewell - Business Consulting Advisory Board:  - Twitter:@jess_dewell

+B.L. Ochman - Google+ Events, Coaching, Digital Strategist:  Twitter:@whatsnext

+Ray Hiltz - Power Your Business With Google Plus: Visit: - Twitter:@rayhiltz

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Generalist or Specialist? with Ryan Hanley
Tue, March 10, 2015, 12:15 PM
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