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Terence Petersen-Ajbro
An Englishman living in Sweden with a passion for languages and Open Source software.
An Englishman living in Sweden with a passion for languages and Open Source software.

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Or clearly Welsh.


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Looking forward to this!

Just discovered another false friend in Swedish, "föredöme" (example to follow), is not the same as Danish "fordom" (prejudice).

Another is "föremål" (object) and "formål" (purpose).

So annoying that many Swedish words are common gender when the Danish couterparts are neuter gender and vice versa!

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Spare a thought for the persecuted and unjustly imprisoned. More international pressure must be directed at countries such as Pakistan.

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My favourite desktop interface for Linux! Totally customisable!

Have been watching The Morcambe and Wise Christmas Specials on DVD these last few days. Nearly everyone on the show is dead today or in their 80s. I found them hilarious when I was younger. Not sure whether their type of humour or show would be so popular with the young generation today. The Two Ronnies were probably funnier when I think about it.

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Det her gjorde mig glad at læse. Håber at UK indser at noget godt kommer fra kontinentet ind imellem.

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You were so much more than a waste of space. Thanks for so many laughs. RIP Andrew Sachs.

Have this irrepressible urge to boycott all stores announcing Black Friday.

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Jeg har det ok med bare at være EU borger. Jeg boede 20 år i England, 30 år i Danmark, 1 år i Østrig, og nu 1½ år i Sverige. Sproget har altid være nøglen for mig, og sprog er nok det jeg er bedst til.
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