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Hott. Announced at Maker Fair yesterday, apparently.
"Arduino Due, a major breakthrough for Arduino because we’re launching an Arduino board with a 32bit Cortex-M3 ARM processor on it. We’re using the SAM3U processor from ATMEL running at 96MHz with 256Kb of Flash, 50Kb of Sram, 5 SPI buses, 2 I2C interfaces, 5 UARTS, 16 Analog Inputs at 12Bit resolution and much more."

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This is pointless and sad. Not Bob is Not Bob in my mental rolodex. I'm really disappointed, Google.

It's been real, y'all.


In 2005, Lady Gaga ( was still performing as Stefani Germanotta. By then, I'd already been known as !Bob to my friends, family and community for about 5 years.

Too bad I'm not famous.

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