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Vacation Time?
A Plumbing and HVAC Checklist for Your Home

Check off this quick list before you leave … and save energy, money, and hassle when you return!

-Turn your thermostat up to 80 degrees. After all, you don’t need it to keep you comfortable when you’re not there, but neither do you want to turn it completely off and risk excessive heat damaging household furniture, valuables, plants, and food items. Plus, the hum of the AC unit will give the illusion that you’re home and deter home invasions!

-Turn your water heater to the lowest setting (or to the vacation setting).

-Shut off your home’s main water valve. If that’s not possible, at least turn off the supplies to the washing machine hoses. Murphy’s Law says that if you’re going to have a damaging leak, it’s going to happen while you’re away!

-Replace air filters before you leave for an extended vacation. A dirty filter can lead to additional strain on your air conditioning system.

-For additional energy savings, unplug small appliances and electronics around your home.

-Finally, don’t forget to share your plumbing and HVAC service contractor’s contact information with your house sitter or pet sitter in case of an emergency!

Of course, vacation is a great reminder to make sure all your plumbing and HVAC systems are in tip-top shape. To increase your home’s efficiency, safeguard against potential problems, and give you peace of mind, be sure to contact us at (973) 383-0392.
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