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Now there's a new, easier way to track calls from your website.

While consumers often browse a website as part of their shopping research, many like to talk to a real person over the phone to help them make a purchase decision. Website call conversions lets advertisers measure calls performance from people who visit your site from a search ad and then call you

Today, we’re introducing an easier way to set up website call conversion tracking in just two steps. Just tell us the phone number you want to track calls for and then install one auto-generated conversion tracking tag on your website. This means you no longer have to separately add a Javascript snippet for each instance a phone number appears on your landing page. This new process works best if you only need to track one phone number for a given landing page.

To start using the new version of website call conversion tracking, visit the Tools > Conversions tab in AdWords, add a new conversion, and choose "Calls to a phone number on your website." For more help, visit the AdWords Help Center:
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