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It's great to BU
I recently returned from my college orientation at Boston University. Upon my return home, I have really reflected on everything the university represents and I am now more sure than ever that this school is the absolutely perfect place for me to call home....

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Saying goodbye (for a while)
I've been having a hard time lately because there are so many people I want to see and make memories with before I leave for college but I'm also trying to bond with my family more while simultaneously struggling to keep up with my summer reading list, book...

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It's been real, LC
Tonight I graduated high school. Photos were taken, hands were shaken, and my diploma was received. I threw my cap and kissed high school goodbye and got the hell out of the Star Plaza theater before the tears started to escape.   It still doesn't feel real...

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On my way up
I hate posting anything sad or negative on social media. I hate seeing myself in such a dark place let alone broadcasted for everyone to see. So for that reason, I haven't blogged in over a month. But here I am. These past few weeks have felt like years, bu...

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Sister Club
   My sisters and I are best friends. They are 14 and 16, but it has always felt like we are all the same age. We help one another out in our own ways, and our very diverse personalities mesh into what I think is a flawless blend. We have a bond that I deem...

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a newfound love
I have been involved in theater all 4 years of high school. I have never had a lead role, never had a group of theater friends, and every post-show dinner had been spent at a little table with a few acquaintances. I never fully understood why people called ...

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my a[musing] lifestyle
   In my English class, we are learning the Romantics period, the time in which everything changed from ways of living to industry to literature to art. In this period, some of the most influential and talented writers came to be.     During this time, poet...

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Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut?  Recently, I've felt like I've been stuck in the deepest, muddiest, stickiest rut one can imagine.     I wake up every morning with next to no motivation to go to school. I feel too misanthropic for my own good....

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I rarely ever have intense emotional responses to anything I read on the Internet. Yet here I sit in bed, sobbing alone while a very ironic Beyonce song plays in the background. I am crying because I just came across the most horrific thing I have ever seen...
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