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Low Rocky Point Track - The Jetty
We were expecting James and Rhys to come in some time on the seventh to do some work on the jetty, and as they were bringing in fresh meat, chips and cold beers that we'd left with them in Strahan, we were all very keen to see them arrive. There seemed to b...

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Low Rocky Point - The Return to Frog Lodge
For most of you, the detailed story of the return trip would just be boring, but for us at that moment when we turned around, well we were only half way through the trip and we knew that we now had three days of retracing all the track we had ridden to date...

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Low Rocky Point Track - The Desperate Dash for the Coast
It's amazing how easily a night of strong winds and rain can wash out the previous days enthusiasm for an epic adventure ... In our case, I think the enthusiasm levels were in the negative range as we climbed out of our warm sleeping bags and whittled away ...

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Low Rocky Point Track - The Rambler meets the Wanderer
I heard Tony unzip his tent and wander down to the Conder (yes, I have received the devastating news that the correct name of the Condor river is actually the Conder river, named to honour Hartwell Conder - the State 'sMining Engineer in 1912). So sorry Har...

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Low Rocky Point Track - The Rise of the Condor
I woke up today to find this comment left on a short video I'd posted of a trail section near the Condor River on the tassie trails facebbook page : Trevor Grigson   Seriously, why the fuck would you even try to bike that? It'd be like biking the overland, ...

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Low Rocky Point Track - Day 1
I realised after putting up the first post  on this ride and seeing some of the responses, that I need to point something out ... we rode the Low Rocky Point track as authorised volunteers for the Parks & Widlife Service as they were keen to get an update o...

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Low Rocky Point Track - The Planning
I can't even remember when the Low Rocky Point Track first came on my radar. But I do know it was a long time ago. Years ... I'm going to say at least four years. I think it may have been one day when I was either staring at the map on my wall, or playing a...

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Moscow Circus 2017
So we last tok the kids to the circus in 2015 ( Euro Circus ). It was kind of expensive, but also kind of fun and I enjoyed it. This year ... not so much. We decided at the last minute to take Zara and one of her friends to the Moscow Circus, and maybe they...

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Cadbury Marathon 2017
I'd planned on getting a bit of a ride in today on the Scott 710 Plus bike while Kim ran her marathon (to test the bike out on roads and gravel trails). But then I slept in a bit and so got there after Kim had already run two thirds of the distance which le...

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Scott 710 Plus Bike Demo Ride
So, as you might imagine after the demise of my Giant Trance (See previous post ), I had steered the conversation with the Cyclops crew towards what bike I might buy next, and one of the suggestions was the Scott Spark 710 Plus. And after reviewing it onlin...
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