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For those who've been looking for G+ profiles to have a Wall, it's coming:

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I do wish that we could separate the death-penalty discussion from the potential-innocence discussion, though. I have never figured out where I stood on the death penalty, and I don't want to have to do so in order to make an informed decision about whether there were grounds for the re-opening of Davis' case.

More pressingly, my own beliefs lead me to think of a wrongful sentence of life in prison as far, far more tragic than a wrongful execution. So if you have to be opposed to the death penalty to care about the Davis case—as seems to be a pervasive sentiment—then I should be commenting about how innocent people sit in jail for decades with no media coverage simply because they don't happen to fall under the umbrella of a highly politicized issue. But I hope that's not really what's going on here. (Troy Davis is currently on the homepage of The Innocence Project, but they also do great work for those not condemned to death.)

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Seen this going around a lot, and though I like the dig on the rankings, the part that scares me is this: "Don’t go into debt—or do—but make your decision about your writing and the writers you want to work with first, and money after."

Recall this nugget from The Atlantic last month: "The next subprime crisis will come from defaults on student debts, starting with for-profit colleges and rising to the Ivy League. The parallels with housing are striking. In both, the written warnings aren't understood, especially on penalties and interest rates. And in both, it's assumed that what's being bought will rise in value, in one case the real estate, in the other the salaries which will accrue with a degree. One bubble has burst; the second is already losing air." (From

We just no longer live in a time when we can afford to be so cavalier about debt.

Would be interested in hearing a speaker (or admirer) of non-American English promote "different to" as somehow making more sense than "different from" or "different than."

Idea for a Netflix commercial: Rod Stewart singing, "Who else is gonna bring you Broken Aaa-rrow? Who else is gonna bring you Pu - u - rple Rain?" And so on.

"Go with the Flo: What Good Customer Service Looks Like": Slightly sycophantic blog post at

Somebody just wrote to me in an email, "i appreciate your long reply." I responded, "That's like telling the Phantom of the Opera, 'I understand how hard it must be to look like you do, but you make beautiful music.'"

Some facts: Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad are sisters. Their mother Vivian Ayers was nominated for a Pulitzer and gave her name to Aunt Viv on The Fresh Price of Bel Air—whose first two episodes Allen directed.

Putting my money where my mouth has been (see and and ditching the NFL this season. Step 1: Up at 7:30 to watch Liverpool/Arsenal on ESPN3.
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