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Finally found a conveyor belt sushi place!

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Up to $150/mo for Ultimate....
MUST READ! Microsoft Exec Urges MSDN Subscribers To Use Azure Credits -

The article quotes Scott Guthrie: "In an interview after the keynote, Guthrie estimated that 90 percent of MSDN subscribers would be able to cover all of their dev/test costs through the benefits ( without any additional charges to their company, involvement from their IT department or need for a credit card number."

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Just wow!
Amazing photo of a bee sting.

Kathy Keatley Garvey of the UC Davis Department of Entomology took this amazing photo of a bee as it stung a co-worker.

More on Science: 


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Climb every mountain IE10! #Everest #Glaciers

Oprah at Harvard Commencement: "...We want to be validated. We want to be understood. ...Lean in to use your voice, lean in to make change where it needs to be made, and lean in to invest your heart and your soul in ideas and people."

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Good one. :)

This. Is. Hilarious.

Some of the jokes are too inside the beltway. But even if you know nothing about the VC game, you are still going to smile.

If you've had the privilege of pitching to VCs, you are going to die laughing.

#gotesla   #creativity  

Nikola Tesla Pitching Silicon Valley VCs

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One more reason to switch, great play Microsoft!

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You can't miss the grille and the grill :-O....
Welcome to Brooklyn's weekend amusement park of Lexus, food, fun and music! 
Lexus at the Great GoogaMooga
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Viewing sessions/topics in #io13

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Twitter's Dick Costolo @umich Spring Commencement 2013 #MGoGrad
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