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NYC Area Security Folks – Come to SOS!
Every year the NYU School of Engineering hosts Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) – the largest student-run security event in the country. This year, we're trying something new that combines two of my favorite things: security and open source . The inaugu...

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The LAVA Synthetic Bug Corpora
I'm planning a longer post discussing how we evaluated the LAVA bug injection system, but since we've gotten approval to release the test corpora I wanted to make them available right away. The corpora described in the paper, LAVA-1 and LAVA-M, can be downl...

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Fuzzing with AFL is an Art
Using one of the test cases from the previous post , I examine what affects AFL's ability to find a bug placed by LAVA in a program. Along the way, I found what's probably a harmless bug in AFL, and some interesting factors that affect its performance. Alth...

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The Mechanics of Bug Injection with LAVA
This is the second in a series of posts about evaluating and improving bug detection software by automatically injecting bugs into programs. Part one, which discussed the setting and motivation, is available here . Now that we understand why we might want t...

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How to add a million bugs to a program (and why you might want to)
In this series of posts, I'm going to describe how to automatically put bugs in programs, a topic on which we just published a paper at Oakland, one of the top academic security conferences. The system we developed, LAVA , can put millions of bugs into real...

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PANDA Plugin Documentation
It's been a very long time coming, but over the holiday break I went through and created basic documentation for all 54 currently-available PANDA plugins. Each plugin now includes a manpage-style document named in its plugin directory. You can find...

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PANDA VM Update October 2015
The PANDA Virtual machine has once again been updated, and you can download it from: Notable changes: We fixed a record/replay bug that was preventing Debian Wheezy and above from replaying properly. Th...

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(Sys)Call Me Maybe: Exploring Malware Syscalls with PANDA
System calls are of great interest to researchers studying malware, because they are the only way that malware can have any effect on the world – writing files to the hard drive, manipulating the registry, sending network packets, and so on all must be done...

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One Weird Trick to Shrink Your PANDA Malware Logs by 84%
When I wrote about some of the lessons learned from P ANDA Malrec 's first 100 days of operation , one of the things I mentioned was that the storage requirements for the system were extremely high. In the four months since, the storage problem only got wor...

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PANDA VM Update April 2015
The PANDA virtual machine has been updated to the latest version of PANDA, which corresponds to commit ce866e1508719282b970da4d8a2222f29f959dcd . You can download it here: Some notable changes: The ...
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