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Leak spotting - sounding good.
What you hear is a turbomolecular pump getting rid of the last bits of air in the chamber and an acoustic signal for the leak detector. If it goes up, there's trouble... #HZBzlog   #HighFieldMagnet  
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Kerstin Haus

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At long last: Our little bee-game is out!
And yes, we are a little bit proud of it :)
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Kerstin Haus

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Great trailer. Good online strategy, too. Educational site, blog, shop. Smart.
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Kerstin Haus

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So excited! We started filming for "Significant Details" - at last!!
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Kerstin Haus

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STEM Women on G+

Today, me, +Rajini Rao and +Liz Krane were thinking of building a circle comprising of Women who work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields. In order to ensure that this circle is fully representative of all the women in STEM, I would like to ask for nominations. Please enter your suggestions here ( Is there anyone that you feel should be included in this circle?

Here is a list of criteria that these candidates should have:

Job should relate directly to STEM or be an advanced student of STEM

Should be female Sorry guys! The reason I am limiting this circle to women is because females are under-represented in STEM fields. STEM fields are traditionally male-dominated, and there is probably a greater need for positive female role models in this field because of prevailing stereotypes such as 'girls can't do math' and so on. The circle would therefore have to consist of not only females in STEM but females in STEM who actively promote their fields and encourage others who might be thinking of STEM careers.

This is a circle for Women in STEM run by Women in STEM

Please share this post to spread the word and fill in the nominations :)
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