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Ray Chong
Don't stare.
Don't stare.

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A Heartache's Serenade
If the world is joined by one giant sky, Then what is this distance between you and I? If lives are connected by feeling and memory, Then why do the lines between feel so empty? Though I would challenge that endless sky To bridge the gaps and sew the lines ...

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Hymn of the Dragon's Calling
Terror stains the darkening sky Horrors of worlds that cannot die Winged monsters of coldest nightmare From savage lands, where no men dare Sweeping death, a rampant plague For mortal men, there is no aid Who steps forth, when the bravest hide? Who can with...

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The Large Black Truth
His friends wanted to go out the next day, and they were enthusiastically discussing where to meetup. Liam looked on in horror as his phone screen scrolled with line upon line of code, all making the messages that tore at him like paper mache knives. Each o...

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  She opened the door into the classroom, her eyes open but her mind shut. The students stared at her as she walked in, the music pounding her eardrums relentlessly. She looked at all of them, their eyes half-closed as the droning of the lecturer continued ...

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Wishes to Pass
Standing at this precipice At the edge of darkest darkness Before the peak where the world ends Between the shadow of death And the light of life Can you still hear my tired song? Content to play second fiddle Always in view, but never seen Slow to move, sl...

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Important Conversations
  I’d spoken a hundred thousand times to the statue but since
the moment I’d first met it, its responses were always stone cold. Not that
they were lacking in content, but there’d always been an undercurrent of apathy
and disinterest.   “What would you like...

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An Item of Significance
  As Clark stared outside the window, the woman behind the desk continued to punch numbers into the keyboard with relentless efficiency. He could hear the unforgiving clicks of the peripheral, its cold, plastic frame resisting her fingers as she continued t...

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A Memory of Bliss
  "Hold close to my side. I don't want you wandering off again, alright?"   Jason looked up at his mother, slightly confused.   "I mean it. I don't want to spend an hour leading a manhunt again. Just stay close to me, okay?"   Jason did as he was told. As h...

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Boxed In
  Sharon tried to scream as the warp in dimensional space
sent her flying through infinity. Her entire body felt both stunted and
elongated at the same time. Despite the speed she knew she must be travelling
at, she felt completely stationary; if anything, ...

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The Tree
There was a wonderfully tall tree on the hilltop that Jason
always liked glancing at. It was at least five times taller than him, had long
branches bursting with green leaves that shaded a large area beneath it, and gave
off this fresh, wonderful smell that...
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