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24 Hours left to join the almost 700 other backers of Underlings of Underwing #boardgame on #kickstarter!

Just shy of stretch goal #6; don't miss out on the excitement!

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Underlings of Underwing, our latest game about color theory and hatching dragons is now live on Kickstarter! There's a ton of information about the game, including how-to-play video, on the project page but we'd love to have your support!

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VERBA: Français is now available to purchase, joining Latin, Español, and English at 

Anyone can enter into the free drawing to receive a core deck of the winner's choice! The raffle is located here:
Our newest language education game, VERBA: Français. is launching just in time for the first week of school, and we're running a giveaway to celebrate!

Enter and share with the teachers in your life for a chance to win!

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We've updated the VERBA Decks page to include a link to the preview beta of the Chinese edition. Feel free to comment and/or provide feedback on the sentence cards!

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Check out the latest update for VERBA: Español. The decks have arrived and we're getting ready to start shipping them out!

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I beg to differ with the analysis in this article. You can't focus exclusively on CCGs and then conclude learning card games can't exist. CCGs have too many mechanics by their very nature (collecting, deck building, usually battle) which obscure the learning objectives by adding layers of complexities. I happen to believe (quite strongly) that learning card games can be very powerful if they are designed from the ground up to tie learning objectives with the play objectives.

I think we've done a pretty darn good job of this with CARD-tamen and VERBA:

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VERBA: Español only has 15 hours left to fund on +Kickstarter and we could use a bit of a boost to get across the finish line.

Who is able to help us get to goal?

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48 hours to go and we need some help to get across the finish line. If you are a Spanish teacher, know someone who is, a fan of quality game-based learning, or just a kind soul, consider kicking in to help us get these decks made! We can't do it without you!

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Which card wins this round?

Please share & back VERBA on Kickstarter!

Translation: "I don't like to walk with my ________."

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Those of you who use reddit, how about some up vote love for the hope of a little more exposure? Thanks!
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