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Just a cool dork.
Just a cool dork.

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Gameplay: I Should Have Told Her The Odds
I sat down to play my first game of Star Wars Rebellion with my wife, Jess, last night. Despite her preference for the Rebellion in every other Star Wars game, I initially thought that she should probably play the Empire in this game because of a few other ...

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Review: The Grizzled
In the United States, we often gloss over the events of the
Great War (World War I) and instead focus on the events and horrors of World
War II. However, the Great War had a much more impactful effect on much of the
rest of the Western World than it did on ...

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Watch the Skies (MegaGame) from the Deputy Head of State Perspective
John Costello, who played as Brazil's Deputy Head of State in the Watch the Skies MegaGame that we played in last Saturday (read my summary here ) also wrote up a summary of the events that happened. I've made a couple of edits to redact information pertain...

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Review: Watch the Skies (MegaGame)
At 5:38 PM I received
a text from my Military Chief asking me if he really should go through with my
Deputy Head of State’s plan to send an agent into Japan to blow up one their
nuclear reactors in order to try to damage the alien UFO that was hovering abov...

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Review: Fief: France 1429
A beginning is the time for
taking the most delicate care that the board is set up correct.         -from "Manual of Setting
Up the Game" by Academy Games Frank Herbert's Dune is one of my favorite books. What I
loved so much about it is how it portrayed gr...

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Mini-Reviews: The "Games That Require The Right Players To Succeed" Summary Review Spectacular
Arguably, any great game can be ruined by the group of
people you play it with. Similarly, any bad game can still lead to a couple
hours of fun with the right people sitting around the table laughing and
mocking it. However, we tend to still quantify those ...

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Review: Mice & Mystics, Shadows of Brimstone, and Star Wars: Imperial Assault comparison review
With a bunch of releases all coming out at roughly the same
time, combined with Santa bringing a certain expansion for my daughter, I've
found myself in the middle of three campaign style board games all at once.
This is, by no means, a complaint. However, ...

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2014 Game of the Year
I believe if you have a blog that you write about games
(even as infrequently as I have over the past couple months), you are obligated
to make a list of the best games of the previous year once the new year rolls
around. Well, since I need to start writing...

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Review: Escape the Room Philly: The Office
The timer started as soon as the door closed. We were locked
in the room which was set up to look like an office. We had an hour to find a
way to unlock the door before the boss returned and we would be trapped in the
room forever. I also have been sufferin...

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Review: Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game
I reference the Alien
movies in the blocks in italics, so there may be spoilers for movies that are
over twenty years old if you want to skip over those parts. Some spoilers, such
as Alien Resurrection was terrible, horrible movie, are more of warnings. But...
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