Your dream came true. The new home looks perfect, but what about the your garden?

Some people think that gardening is as easy as plowing, planting the seeds and waiting for days until they grow with crops.

You should know that maintaining a garden is not as simple as it may seem. There are some things that every gardener should take into careful consideration. Embarking on to this task means tough work not only on the physical aspect, but on the mental aspect as well. You need to have the right amount of skills and knowledge; otherwise, you will only be opening your garden to hungry pests and filthy plant diseases.

Fortunately, Domestic Cleaning Plus experts are here to help and give you advice. You can take advantage of our gardening services, such as:
Garden Makeovers: If your garden is a mess or needs changes Domestic Cleaning Plus makeover specialists will restore the plants and rejuvenate your garden.

Regular garden maintenance: The ultimate way to keep your garden looking great.
Weeding & Weed control: Weeds can convert productive land into unusable scrub. Domestic Cleaning Plus is familiar with most of the "weed control" strategies that contain the growth and spread of weeds.
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