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This is incredible. xD

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The primary reason why even the express trains between Copenhagen and the rest of Europe aren't all that fast. -_-

Only 8 more years to go 'till they finish the tunnel...

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It doesn't take a Genius.

(but this ad might be...) 

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iOS 6 will mean nothing for users in Japan.
As an iPhone user in Japan taking a look at all the proposed new features in iOS 6 I see almost nothing that will change.
- Maps
They're using TomTom? They don't even have a Japanese site. Their world map conspicuously does not have Japan highlighted.

- Siri
Japanese users only recently got Siri enabled, and since it doesn’t even work with Google Maps it's fairly useless.
- Facebook
Well, we might see this, but it's hardly a feature that can't be accomplished now.
- Shared Photo Streams
Can't we do this with iCloud already?
- Passbook
In the land of osaifu keitai? I have my doubts.
- FaceTime
I've never actually used FaceTime on my iPhone. I guess this might put a dent in Skype usage.
- Phone
This might be the only useful feature we'll get on iOS 6 in Japan
Maybe by the time iOS 7 rolls out there will be something decent available for iPhone users in Japan. :(

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Crossing the Great Belt bridge. Going to visit friends on Fyn. :-) 
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The interest rate on Danish government binds is now negative, meaning that the state earns money if it borrows money. O.o

Well, at least the financial crisis raging in the rest of Europe right now is good for something.

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Hillary came to visit our humble Glorious Royal Capital. How nice of her.:)
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Now THAT'S a porkchop.
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