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Make Good with Your Ability Today
Make Good with Your Ability Today

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Take a look at our latest video that discusses wages for people with disabilities and a law that could legally lower their minimum wage.

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Subhreet kaur Ghumman is an amputee who lets nothing stop her and her dreams! I love watching how much FUN she's having! Don't forget that you can have fun too!

My new good friends that I met this weekend, Jeneen and Faith have a motto: Modifications. So when you run into a issue where you feel like you can't, modify until you can!

You can watch her practicing here too:

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Society has created a culture of fear, shame, and ignorance surrounding people with disabilities and chronic illness. We must fight to change and insist these stigmas are untrue. Persist. Do not back down. Get angry about it, let the passion rise within you enough to do something about it, but do not anger in the face of ignorance. Remain calm, and firmly state what you know to be true. Educate and exercise compassion.

I have become aware that even people who love and care about me have this idea that I am not doing enough about my health. They believe that there is some resource that I have not exhausted, and if I were more proactive, I could be "better" by now. If they knew how frequently I see doctors and how they have no idea what to do with me, they would know better. If they had paid more attention during that surgery, watched how I suffered during recovery, or seen the hope drain from my heart months later when nothing had changed, they would know better. 

If they felt the agony of being temporarily immobilized in both legs when your "good leg" isn't working because the "good hip" went out again, you don't know why and no one can tell you or cares, and you have to drag yourself across the floor, into bed, and forcing it into position, forcing yourself into mind numbing pain so that you can put weight on it again, they would know better. 

If they felt the scrutiny of person after person suggesting you are a drug addict for the medication you are on, purely because of the class of medication it is, or if not now, insisting you will become addicted, insisting you are not healthy, even though you are well-managed, careful, and under the care of professionals whose specialization are these types of medication, they would know better.

If they knew that these medications are only a portion of your care, without them, you could not be half as functional in society, yet with them, you sometimes feel sick and miserable, and you don't like them much anyway, they would know better.  

If they knew that your life was dominated by your health and thinking of ways to help yourself and others, but yes, a year ago I could go to the grocery store, out to dinner, and go shopping, and now, I can only pick two of those if I'm with someone, and one if I'm by myself, they would know better. 

Actually, grocery shopping would be a challenge, I would probably just use a service that brings the groceries to my door at this point if I have to get anything significant. And shopping: Is the mall crowded? Do I have enough energy to unload my chair from my car? Will all the ADA spots be taken? How far away will I have to drive because extending my leg to push the pedal for too long makes it swell. Am I going to get so stressed out at some point in this process that I might have a seizure? What if that weird new thing happens and I pass out or can't talk?

This is my life now. I am okay with it, and I find ways around things, but you know what I can't find ways around as easily? Other people.

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This is what I run to make my products, and it has been a dream. It is also a fantastic educational tool with a quick start-up, little maintenance, amazing +MakerBot customer support, remote video monitoring via Wifi, and of course connection to the Thingiverse community like all of the other Makerbot products. With no experience at all, I taught myself CAD and printing basics. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with others!
Make It Mini: ‪#‎MakerBot‬ Replicator Mini is in the #Maker Shed and ready for your classroom and home projects.

+MakerBot Hi there! This is ElleJay from frill_ability on Twitter and IG who makes the Sailor Moon related prints on the Mini! <3
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