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People talk about washer and dryer, maintenance people, three bedroom, carpet cleaning and electricity bill
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A Google User
reviewed a month ago
This apartment complex is full off crooks! Let me walk you through my experience at this complex. First, The week I moved in, my AC quit working. It took someone forever to come out and fix it, and of course, it was summertime. Then, the switch to my bathroom lights had a short in it, and I called to have someone replace it. I waited a week, no one ever showed up, so I called back, they didn't even have record that I had filed a work order previously, and put a new one in and the girl rudely asked "Are you trying to tell me your light bulbs are burned out?" I may be blonde, but I know the difference between a burned out bulb and an entire switch not working. Not to mention there is vanity lights in the bathroom, so there is 5-6 bulbs, not just one. When they came to fix it, I was showing them the switch, and the tech snapped at me and asked me if I was an electrician because I was trying to show him what was going on. Then, the bulbs in the kitchen burned out, they came to replace them and less than a week later the lights burned out again. There was mold in the bathroom behind the toilet, and on the window sill in the living room. The windows in the living room leaked, and were so cloudy from condensation that you couldn't even see out of them. The railing on the porch was missing the top piece, and there was screws sticking out of it. Now for the staff. I hope you don't ever plan on talking to the manager, because you never will. She is always on the other line, with a client, or gone. You will literally never talk to her, no matter how many messages you leave. The first month I moved in, I was going through a divorce and they payment was pulled from the wrong bank account. I called up there and asked if they could cancel the check (mind you it hadn't even cleared the bank yet to bounce) and they told me no, that I had to pay with a money order and if it was late they would send me to collections and contact their attorney. I understand its a business, but a little compassion for going through a divorce would have been nice. The next month I tried to pay my rent, and they wouldn't accept my check because if you have one late payment (that wasn't late when I called) you have to pay every month with a money order. Then, I tried to add someone to my lease, and someone told me that I would have to transfer to a different apartment, pay over $1000 to cancel my current lease and transfer. Then the girl quietly whispers into the phone that I just shouldn't tell anyone because they don't ever check on their tenants anyway. Now for the move out. I wanted to transfer to a 2 bedroom, and was told no because I had a late payment on the account, so my options were move out, or stay in a one bedroom. I didn't get my deposit back. Shocker from all the previous reviews right? They charged me $600 to replace the carpets that were brand new when I moved in, for excessive pet urine. I DIDN'T EVEN OWN A PET. When I called up there to complain about this, you guessed it, the manager was busy but they would leave a message for her to call me back. Which she never did. I paid my portion for the carpet to get it over with and be done with this place, but I will NEVER refer anyone here. My money order for payment was SEVEN CENTS short, so they refused my payment. I'm sorry, you're screwing me over for something I shouldn't be responsible for and still fighting me over SEVEN CENTS?! The customer service from the staff and the maintenance crew is awful and the apartments are horrible with brand new carpet to cover it up. Even if the carpet is new when you move in, you will pay to replace it when you leave, as ALL the other reviews state.
• • •
Ryan Weaver
reviewed 4 months ago
I lived there for one year. During which time I have to say, never really had any major problems...except when I had complained about the filter for the AC and it went weeks without being replaced...I went out of town for a couple days, returned home to a very hot apt and the AC running. Open the door to the AC unit and it was completely frozen, and inch of ice on it frozen. Called emergency maintenance, explained what was going on and was told there was nothing they could do until the ice melted. One strike, didn't raise too much trouble over it. Other "issues" that were small were taken care of in reasonable time. One larger issue was never taken care of until the week I was moving out I got the call that they were going to come out and fix it, but i'd have to be out of the apt for a min 2 days. i explained to the gal from the office that I had turned in my notice to vacate and was moving in just a few days (something she SHOULD have know) could they wait until then? She said, oh, sure. Can't say how/why she was unaware I was moving, but ignorance can be tricky sometimes. Now on to the "move out"... Never in my wildest would I have thought that the warnings from some reviewers were even remotely true. But, I will say (unfortunately) they are. I don't consider myself to be a "dirty" person, I admit, yes, there was some dirt on the carpets when I moved out, but nothing to get crazy about. Or so I THOUGHT...will continue with that in a moment. Next was the infamous water bill...if you've read other reviews, this is a major complaint as well...according to my "statement", my final water bill was paid from my deposit (something I was told would happen, so no surprise there) but included in the envelope was a "final water bill" from the water company for half of what they allegedly paid...? All in all, they charged me enough with the water and carpet cleaning to total my deposit EXACTLY...THEN added in another $300 for misc "scratches, stains or burns" on counters (that I complained about from day one) but they claim no note was ever made about that. When I called to argue these fabricated charges, I was told that I could, but it would have to be after I get sent to collections...??? So, in other words, pay up or we will hurt you by putting a ding on your credit report. Come on, who runs these apts? Oh, and I probably better hurry since the 30 days to pay or suffer the consequences started the date of the statement...20 DAYS AGO WHICH I JUST RECEIVED...their "not our problem" attitude is both frustrating and scary. Sorry if I was long winded, just wanted to be thorough. Do not move here...or if you do, don't move out, it'll cost you!
• • •
Darcy E's profile photo
Darcy E
reviewed a year ago
I have had nothing but bad experienes while living here. I would move out tomorrow if I could do so without owing them more money. I picked the place because my rent was so cheap and it was in a good location. I now know why it is so cheap; horrible service. Everytime I have a problem, the people working in the office claim that it is "not their problem". Oh, it is not your problem to fix an EXTREMELY dissatisfied tenet's problems? Don't worry, since it its not your problem I will also tell all my friends, coworkers, and pretty much anybody I can. Maybe they will think it is their problem. My apartment is not safe. I do not feel safe there at all and I do not feel like the Ethans cares. Other problems I have had they "conveniently" come in to look while I am away and leave a note saying it is "fixed" with no further explanation. Guess what? It still does not work. When I call the front desk to get more information about what the maintenance people did, they have no idea and say we can send someone out again. The maintenance people come again and again all the note says is "fixed". They do not follow through. I asked for the maintenance people to provide me with details about what they did while in my apartment and they do not provide them. I have asked multiple times to speak to a manager and they always "take my number down and say she will call." Each time (3 to be specific) I have to follow up because I will not hear from her. Then, yet again, I have to reexplain my problem. Do not live here. Or if you do, take my apartment from me so I can move out.
• • •
Ashley Jackson's profile photo
Ashley Jackson
reviewed 3 months ago
. The saying "You get what you pay for" rings true for this establishment. When I moved in there was mold on all of my window seals, which I happened to find quite often because the windows are so poor quality they would leak constantly, the apartment was still dirty from the previous tenant, and there was paint dripped on the floors, sprayed on the windows and on the cabinets. Parking is a joke. It was a very rare occasion that I actually found a parking spot remotely close to my apartment. I lived in a one bedroom apartment and my electricity bill was rarely under $100 because my thermostat was broken. During the summer my air would run all day long, even if it was set on a high temp. I called maintenance and all they did was replace the face. There was also a rape that happened within the apartment complex and they never notified the tenants. There was also a group of people living in my building that were making meth in their apartment. I knew this because a lady whom was fighting with a man who lived in the apartment outside in the parking lot stopped me and told me this was going on. When I moved out I barely received a third of my deposit (which took over a month to get back) even though the apartment was cleaner than it was when I moved in. They also charged me for carpet cleaning even though they were replacing the carpet . I had nothing but bad experiences here and would definitely not recommend this apartment complex to anyone. I am happy to not be associated with this place anymore and am a little embarrassed that I ever lived here
• • •
Billy Rogers
reviewed 10 months ago
Since I have moved to ethans I have had nothing but problems. my apartment flooded 3 times. they just moved some rocks arounds. now my airconditioner dosent work and its one of the hottiest days of summer. have called them twice on this. there maintenance sucks.
Rebecca Casselman
reviewed 11 months ago
My daughter lived there and let me tell you don't expect to see a cent of your deposit back when you move out. I don't care how well you take care of the place they will find something wrong with it. She didn't get anything back and plus they wanted her to pay an additional 415 for new carpet. She was the second tenent to live there with that carpet. It needed replaced anyway, but they wanted her to pay for it. Just shady business. The experience prior to move out was not bad though.
• • •