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Lest We Forget...ANZAC Day!

For all the servicemen and women past and present...
More than a GAME...Tribute to the ANZACS

During many wars, young soldiers played Australian Rules football in such places as New Guinea, South Africa, Belgium, Egypt, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and other areas impacted by wars.

The young Aussie soldiers played Aussie Rules against anyone who would offer a challenge. They would exchange players between divisions to make up the equal numbers on each side. They played when times could be bared and football was a way to have some fun and enjoyment. Comradeship at its best!

*Lest We Forget....
On 25th April we will pause to acknowledge all current and former members of the defence forces. The brave men and women who represent our country on a daily basis.

*A little history....

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Corps and in 1915 those men, together with British, Indian and French soldiers were sent to fight in the part of Turkey known as the Gallipoli Peninsula.

It was because of the way those Australians and New Zealanders fought, and the way they faced hardships, and dangers that confronted them, that the initials became a word ANZAC which today is respected in both Australia and New Zealand.

Their action forged what has become known as the ANZAC spirit and that spirit has been the driving force behind all Australian servicemen and women ever since!

No Australian is left untouched when a member of our defence force is killed in action.

Lest We Forget

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Family and Friends Pets Xmas

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Maybe we should introduce this policy too!
Photo of the month
What's your pet policy?

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Great Place for a Holiday

Check out this beautiful UK holiday destination just out of Cirencester.

Cotswolds self catering family holiday rental

Amazing accommodation
Family Fun
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Oh so funny...Gotta make you smile a little!

Has this happened to you?

Thanks for the invite +Laugh Mooore always do with a laugh!

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Good time to visit Tassie!
Tourism Australia Wines & Dines Restaurant Australia in Tasmania

Australia and Tasmania in particular are raising their glasses to the prodigy of talent that until more recently have been relatively lesser known in the euro centric world of food and wine. It turns out we are world class! Over 80 International Food and Wine experts cant be wrong! And they're coming to MONA on the November 13th-15th weekend to prove it. Join us?

#restaurantAustralia   #Tasmania   #Foodjournalism   #Foodtravel  
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What about u?  Wouldn't hurt to give it a try!

Think I could do with type of course! Need to learn how to taste more
Initiation Wine Tasting Course at Hacienda Señorío de Nevada
"Understanding wine is Science, drinking it is Health and knowing how to talk about it is Art". These words by Alejandro Rodriguez make a good opening gambit to this wine tasting course for beginners to take place at the Winery Señorío de Nevada on 18th. October.

Described by the bodegas the aim of the wine tasting course is to:-
"Discover the secrets of wine, from its elaboration and ageing process to the knowledge, to the acknowledgement, through our senses, of its multiple bouquets, textures and flavours. A complete range of wines from our Cellar are tasted and discussed.

It is well known that Andalusia lost its red wine tradition. It was believed, according to an ancient and popular legend, that the high temperature conditions during the Andalusian summers, were not suitable for this wine variety to reach good quality levels. However, they forgot that Andalusia is a region with a rich and varied geography. In the province of Granada the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains together with the Mediterranean Sea create a unique micro-climate that we can find in the valleys of South-Western Spain.

Our 21-hectare wine cellar extends to the limits of the natural and historical region of La Alpujarra, which lies approximately 650 meters above the sea level. This high-mountain slaty soil presents a large quantity of minerals and enjoys this marvellous micro-climate, due to the combination of Sierra Nevada's climatic factors, the sea and the three rivers that shape this land's layout. Due to this particular orography, during the grape maturity season temperatures fluctuate between 35 °C during the day and 12 ºC or 14 °C at night. That's why the grape harvest takes place in October, after a long and rain-free maturing period, blessed with a radiant sun....."

Read the rest of the interesting history of this Lecrín Valley winery here:-

The winery is only 15 minutes from Restábal.

Suggestion from Susan at

#winetasting #wineries #señoriodenevada #lecrinvalleyfoodandwine #granada #andalucia #spain
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