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Picture Diary – Seth's 1st Sports Day
Happy Birthday Singapore!! It's the time of the year where every other Singaporean gets  really  patriotic and the same time a bit angsty. I guess you ain't really a Singaporean until you really embrace on our complain culture. - G wasting your tax on firew...

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Travelling to America as a Singapore National – What Does The ESTA Mean?
If you are planning to travel to the USA in
the near future, you may well be aware of the ESTA visa waiver program . This has replaced the old system of
filling out visa waiver forms on flights entering the US, and is required for people coming into America...

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Stop telling yourself it's okay when it's not.
YOU SUCK. Yes, it is very easy to call someone out for being bad at something. In fact, if you have a Facebook account and follow The Straits Times, you will see how easy it is to hide behind a screen and put people down with words. On the other hand, how h...

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The irony of no photography in an office that does plenty of it. It has been months since we got the invitation to Hong Kong to catch one of my favourite Hong Kong movie series of all time – Love Off The Cuff . I can't say enough how excited I was when #gir...

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Tips For A Smooth Plane Ride
rides come in two possible experience; a good one, and a very crappy one. I’m
sure you guys have had that experience when you stepped off the plane and
prayed you won’t have to get in one again. Bad back, sleepless ride, bad
service, and others in the...

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Office Shenanigans #1 - The one with the fridge
UberEATS is currently my bestie. Setting up a new company is never easy. I mean besides money management, clients hunting, and logistics, we had such a hard time getting our office space settled. It's almost like buying a new house but much worse. You have ...

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Woah, we're halfway there!!
More than half a year since my visit to LA! It has been a while since I actually sat down in front of my computer and blog about myself, like just quick updates. I know that sounds truly narcissistic but hey, that's what a blog used to about right? Me writi...

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Accessorising Basic Outfits with SmartBuyGlasses
Dressing up is really a pain for some people especially when you get frequent invites to events. #GirlBoss once told me that an outfit can only appear twice max on Instagram. If it appears more than once, it means that it has been worn too often. Of course,...

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AirAsia invites you to Thailand – Land of Shop and Dine!
Nope, I didn't get my facts wrong. While I know that Thailand is better known as the Land of Smiles but with the way things are happening in the country now, I think Land of Shop and Dine is pretty apt too! I will usually hit Bangkok every 1 - 2 months not ...

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14 Thoughts That Went Through My Mind While Eating 100 Chicken McNuggets
It was a public holiday and instead of taking a break at home, my colleague and I decided to hit the office and get some work done. We were in the office since noon and weren't really hungry until 11pm. Which makes it pretty much 12 hours of fasting for us....
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