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Who Are Schools For?
Some things students say can just stick with you. I clearly recall a moment that occurred the week of midterms for our elementary students this semester. I haven’t given tests as of the past few years, and it’s during spring that we have a cool movie-making...

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Why I'm a #TESOLteacher
Originally when my wife and I moved to China, it wasn’t because I had a deep desire to be a #TESOLteacher.  I have to be honest. There  was a Teacher Recruitment Fair put on my alma mater. At the fair, there were several school corporations represented. Per...

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In response to 'When L1 interferes with English learning'

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Why Did I Join Blogging Buddies?
A couple days ago, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I came upon a tweet from Katie Siemer .  If you're an #edtech coach who blogs, join us! #ETCoaches ! — Katie Siemer (@Katie_M_Ritter) April 21, 2017 The idea for groupin...

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How to Make Sense of China’s Education System
Recently, I finished a book by Yong Zhao called, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon? Why China Has the Best (and Worst) Education System in the World .  The book was extremely enlightening since it provided quite an informative background on Chinese history...

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“Mr. Scott, do you have Facebook?”
A student asked me this question as soon as class was done today, and it threw me for a loop. Not because I was surprised at his question, but because it had taken most of the school year to go by before any student inquired about American social media. Thi...

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"That Pen" and Other Recent Inspirations
I was reflecting on a memory that came to mind from two
years ago in my English class. It was of a student who brought in a book
related to the content we were studying. The book was in English with some
Chinese vocabulary definitions given throughout. This...

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An Unexpected Answer (Safety Series: Part 1)
This week in my 6 th grade Science and Critical
Thinking class, we analyzed a story of two children who went swimming at a
local pond. The problem arose when recent rain raised the bacterial levels too
high. Upon this discovery, the lifeguard informed the c...

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Elementary Integration of Educational Technology
Two years ago, I was solely dependent on Twitter , Facebook, and any other ed tech for connecting with educators who wanted to move forward. Last year, I was hardly on my VPN in order to connect with my students, coworkers, and community. Toward the end of ...
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