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Please Please Please… Re Share this and spread the word to your circles.... +'s are verycool but re-shares are much better!

Today is the Day!

I am so pleased because today marks the launching the "Photographers for Good" website. What is it? Well, let me tell you a little about it. and why it came into being. It is the brainchild of the dynamic duo +Barry Blanchard and +Monique Yates. It is targeted to help our dear friend +Lee Daniels.

Now many of you know Lee from her curation of +CATURDAY! and +Women Wednesday or from the many…many lovely comments she sprinkles on others work all across G+. But for those of you who don't, she is a teacher of our children, writer, and passionate photographer that not only "chases magic" but often captures it in stunning art for the rest of us to look at in awe.

Earlier this month Lee was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. LIke many of our friends who are freelance artists… she doesn't have health insurance, which is not a good situation in todays healthcare reality. So Barry and Monique have resolved to not only send positive thoughts to Lee but to also take positive steps to help her.

The "Photographers for Good " site is a place that other photographers and artists have uploaded images to be sold as prints with all of the profits being donated to offset Lee's medical costs.. +Ivan Makarov and +SmugMug have provided the mechanisms for artists to donate their work and for others to buy it. The gallery currently contains work by +Lotus Carroll +Karen Hutton +Sumit Sen +Chris Chabot +Ivan Makarov +Vivienne Gucwa +Tamara Pruessner +Barry Blanchard +Monique Yates and myself. Over the next days you will find that the site contains offerings from +Alan Shapiro and the work of others…. maybe like yourself. If you have 1 (one) shot that is your best and you would like to donate it to this cause… here is the link: . If you would like to see the gallery and purchase specially priced art from well known artists then go here :

Lee is a strong woman and a good friend. With our help she will beat this thing and provide us with the beauty of her presence in our art world or years to come.

Again Please Please Please re-share this post with others… copy the links and post them on FB, Tweet them like crazy… Donate a shot… buy some art… lets get this moving!

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