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One more day until the She Can Pitch competition closes! How did the weekend go? Were you able to get your votes up?

Are you racking up the points today in the 'She Can Pitch' competition? Hope so because you could win $1k courtesy of @SageOneNA

It's $1k Wednesday give away courtesy of @SageOneNA. Earn the most points through votes in the She Can Pitch comp. and the $k could be yours

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Surprise! Today is Sage $1k Day! Earn the most points today from votes and shares and win $1k courtesy of Sage and their awesome product for small businesses.

And don't forget, for participation in the 'She Can Pitch' competition Sage is offering exclusive pricing on Sage One. Check out the offer here:

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Do you know the difference between an idea and a true business opportunity? Many wannabe entrepreneurs confuse the two. And if you make that mistake, it will probably cost you a lot of precious time, resources and money.

Learn from this video how to identify a true business opportunity.

Ramp up the voting, there's a week left to the 'She Can Pitch' competition. #helpawomenout #govote

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Tip for the ladies in the 'She Can Pitch' competition: Don't forget to ask your social networks to vote for your company everyday. The more votes you get, the better chance you have in winning.

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Money, mentorship, an investor pitching opportunity and free small business software is up for grabs for women entrepreneurs. Have you signed up for the competition? It's not to late.

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Here's a link to everything you need to know about signing up for the 'She Can Pitch' #competition #entrepreneur

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Hey Everyone! Go and vote for your favorite companies in the "She Can Pitch" Competition. You could help a few of them win cash, mentoring, a chance to pitch to an investor and a year subscription to Sage One Software. You can vote everyday and help these ladies out.
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