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Goodbye 2016
song of the day - anything by Beyonce (like legit, have you heard Lemonade?!) So, another year (almost) gone. Not that much has happened with me this year. Blogging was put on the back burner a while ago so I'd have more time to work, and to play. Although ...

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Box With The Kangeroo
song of the day - Death Wish by Lloyd Banks  dress - UrbanOutfitters (currently on sale for £12). boots - Dune. socks - Primark. I've been wearing my old boots pretty much every day for around 2 years, and it's time to retire them. They've been worn so much...

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Everything's Going To Be Alright
song of the day - Everything's Going To Be Alright by Naughty By Nature Chinese New Year in Manchester is always a good day out. This year I'll be working on Sunday, during the actual parade, so I decided to go down today and try out some of the food. If yo...

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With The Wrong Attitude
song of the day - Nice Guys Finish Last by Cobra Starship top&jumper - Primark. trousers - Zara. Sometimes you see something in the sale that you really want, but don't exactly need so you don't buy it. Then, when you go back online later because you've dec...

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I'm Afraid I can't
song of the day - I'm Afraid Of Americans by david Bowie dress - H&M. top - Zara. underthingy to protect what little modesty I have - Primark. Wasn't the snow lovely! Thankfully I wasn't actually out in it in this outfit, otherwise my legs would have droppe...

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You Found Me
song of the day - I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift jumper - souvenir from my brother. skirt - Zara.  Shorts skirts, big jumpers, that's pretty much my aesthetic. I'll be rocking a miniskirt along with my stickered zimmer when I'm 80. Rubi x

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Radar Can't Even Find You
song of the day - Encore by Eminem/Dr Dre/50 Cent  New day, new blog post, new bag. Add them all together and what do you get? A crying bank account, and a "what's in my bag" post, duh. The items in my bag haven't really changed since the last What's In My ...

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She Caused A Scene
song of the day - Billie Jean by Michael Jackson top & skirt - Zara. tights - Primark.  With Christmas over my hours have gone back down at work; no more working 6 days a week (for the foreseeable future)! This means I actually have time to sit down and cat...

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Her tattoo's Always Hidden
song of the day - 5 Colours In Her hair by McFly I have such a love/hate relationship with sales; my heart loves them but my head hates them. I'm pretty sure if my bank balance was animate it would be weeping more than I did when Angel died in Rent right no...

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Would You Sing Along Too
song of the day - If I by Natty Happy New Year! I wish you all the best in 2016. Nothing big really happened to me in 2015, so here's hoping next year is a little more interesting. New Years resolutions aren't really for me. I'm less of a goals person, and ...
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