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So lets summarize just some of Obama's accomplishments:

Record Poverty
Decreased average wages
record number on food stamps
record number on disability
backdoor amnesty in violation of the law and congress
backdoor amnesty violation of oath of office and is impeachable. 
Dead Federal Agent in fast and furious
Lying attorney General, first ever held in contempt of Congress
Refusal to prosecute black panthers for voter intimidation circulating memos at Justice Dept that blacks won't be prosecuted
Criticized police office for doing job correctly without any facts 
Bowed to multiple foreign leaders
Removed Prayer breakfast and day of Prayer
Had full day of Ramadan festivities in White House
Forces Catholics to violate faith with Birth Control and abortion
Exempts muslims from Obamacare because its against their religion
Passed the biggest tax hike in the history of this nation Obamacare
added 6 trillion to the debt. More than 8 years of Bush combined
accounts for over 30% of national debt over the past 220 years. 
Kash for Klunkers = failure
GM bailout = Union bailout, GM on road to bankruptcy again=failure
Solyndra = failure
Van Jones Green "Czar" had to resign due to anti capitalist rhetoric
Timothy Geithner Treasury Secretary Tax Cheat
Country Financial rating downgraded twice and only times in history
Country competitiveness rating from #1 in 2008 to #7 currently 
1 Trillion dollars spent and no results. highest sustained unemploy
both budgets voted down by every single person in congress 
Director of HHS violates federal law = no consequences
first campaign to label opposing candidate a murderer and felon
Outright lies about references to Romney as a felon. 
Removes work requirement from Clinton's welfare reform 
Gas up over 100%
intentionally leaked top secret information to bolster his image
voted present for law in Illinois that amounted to infanticide. 
Science Czar openly pro eugenics, like Hitler and Sanger

Oh boy there are dozens more. I have to take a break. Oh I'll end with this one. 

Directly responsible for the Death of the 4 American Citizens. 
We were warned. 
Even if we weren't why wouldn't security be beefed up around our foreign embassies in hostile areas of the world on the anniversary of 9/11 after Obama has run all over the place beating his chest about killing Bin Laden. Media refuses to cover it because they are blatantly dishonest and shill for Obama. We know for a fact they knew about rising tensions. The staff at the embassy in Cairo were sent home early, the White House issues another apology letter which it pulled of it's website when it decided there was no alternative but to Lie. Watch Hilary Clinton speaking. She knows they screwed up. Only the narcissist Obama doesn't see it because to him the death of 4 Americans pales in comparison to the importance of his need to be re-elected to save the Country. 

Sorry Folks but if you vote for Obama your an idiot plain and simple. If you really believe that this man cares one bit about you then you need to have your head examined. Is Romney the best choice right now. I'm not sure, but I know Obama is just as bad a choice as he was the first time. 4 more years and there will be nothing left of this country to salvage. 

For those of you bashing Romney please provide evidence. I don't hear any evidence just a bunch of nonsense by mostly uninformed or dishonest people and the media that is not even hiding the fact that they are openly supporting Obama. They don't have too, the people in this Country have dipped to an unprecedented level of stupidity and ignorance. 

Please show how someone who has successfully run many endeavors including businesses, amassed an amazing amount of wealth on his own, and built an enormously successful company that was responsible for salvaging way more companies than it shut down including some giants like Staples which provides how many jobs. 

Compare that to a person who has never held a real job. Never ran a business. Never had to make payroll. Never served in an executive position. Has absolutely no training or education on anything even remotely related to the economy. Acknowledges radicals and communists as his mentors growing up and moving into politics. Has been associated with how many people that are now in jail for shady activities (resko). 

Please provide your evidence or shut up. This election is not about emotions it's about finding the best person to do the job. I don't need someone to feel my pain to fix the problem. The pain is in my wallet. The problem is that too many people want to sit on their ass and have me support them. The person who can fix that is who I'm supporting. 

This says it all: 

Romney's first tweet on 9/11 "On this most somber day, America is united under God in its quest for peace and freedom at home and across the world". 

Obama's first tweet on 9/11 "The election is in 8 weeks. Sign up to volunteer: http://OFA.BO/s3tXFz

*Once again the narcissist in full force. It's always about him

Via +Herman Munster +Mitt Romney +Mitt Romney Central +Romney Ryan  #romneyryan2012   #mittromney  
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Brent Crotts

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The Man Behind Mitt Romney

The kind of man +Mitt Romney  is...28yrs of unpaid service to his country,community&church>> ;but Obama's not his brother's keeper see>> His brother George lives in a hut and needed money for medical care, where was Obama??

While the majority of liberal media and Obama campaign attack ads would have you believe Romney to be a selfish miser&cold businessman, underneath the successful businessman is a humble,charitable man who served not only his country, community and church, but also his family and those of others. Romney believes in giving a helping hand[charity], not a hand out[welfare]. Romney believes in individual responsibility and success, but also believes in the American Dream and helping others achieve that dream. Putting people on welfare and giving them govt handouts will not help anyone achieve that dream, as years of people on welfare programs have proven. Here is one such story, where Romney gave someone a helping hand, instead of a hand out.

BOSTON — Edward Albertian had been working for only a few weeks at his new job, managing the first two Boston-area Staples stores, when he got an unnerving call from his wife. As Staples staffed up, Albertian had been poaching talent from his old company, and his former boss was piqued.

That morning, a courier had delivered papers to Albertian's wife threatening them with eviction unless they immediately repaid the $250,000 loan from Albertian's former company that they had used to buy their home.

A few days later the couple, with their newborn son and 2-year-old daughter in tow, were invited to Staples' Watertown headquarters and found themselves sitting across from Mitt Romney, whose company, Bain Capital, had invested money in Staples. He had heard about their predicament from the chain's co-founder, Tom Stemberg.

They talked for less than half an hour about the young store manager's goals and his role in the company. Then, "Mitt opened his checkbook and wrote a check for $250,000," Albertian, who is now chief operating officer of the Massachusetts-based Transnational Group, said of the 1987 encounter.

"He said, 'You're going to be great. As soon as you sell the house, then you can pay me back, but I want you to focus on Staples and building this into a great company,'" Albertian said. (Stemberg later assumed the loan, and Albertian paid it back over a number of years).

That was the Mitt Romney known to friends and business associates: a man generous to those in need, whose charitable acts stemmed from a deeply rooted sense of duty to help his neighbors. 

[Additional examples of Romney's humble and charitable background continue below, while you won't hear Romney bragging about these stories, his friends and family know a man the rest of America hasn't met yet. It's time to become acquainted with the man behind Mitt Romney:]

While some might see a contradiction between Romney's private acts of generosity and his plans to shrink government programs that help the poor or college students, those close to him say there is none. It stems from his belief in individual responsibility and self-reliance, and the view that every American has a duty to help others either through their community or through their church.

"He believes government has a certain role as far as helping people, or helping provide an infrastructure in areas where you can help create opportunities," Romney advisor Kevin Madden said. But his guiding principle is a belief in "putting our faith in individuals and free markets and free enterprise" rather than "government being the only engine."

To date, many of the stories friends and advisors tell of Romney emphasize his tendency, as one put it, to personally "run at problems and fix them." One often-cited episode was his decision to shut down Bain Capital and organize a multiday search party to find a partner's teenage daughter, who had vanished after a party. After he recruited Bain's lawyers, accountants and other business associates to walk the streets of Manhattan showing her picture, authorities found the girl in a New Jersey basement. (Notably, the story was used by Romney in advertising for an earlier campaign, before Bain became the focus of months of Democratic gibes.)

Cindy Gillespie, who worked closely with Romney when he ran the Salt Lake City Olympics and then moved to Massachusetts to work with him, recalled a less dramatic illustration of Romney's approach. When movers left her bedroom set stranded in the driveway of her new town house after failing to maneuver it up a narrow staircase, Romney — then the governor — arrived with three of his sons and they worked together late into the evening to hoist the furniture over the second floor balcony.

While his efforts to persuade a young woman to forgo an abortion have gained the most attention, some of his confidants note that he spent many more hours dealing with more everyday matters. Often Romney would sit down with a pad and help a couple scratch out their budget — urging them to differentiate between wants and needs. In a privileged life, those experiences had a lasting effect.

"It allowed him to see so many different people and so many different problems that people are facing — to really have empathy for people who are struggling, and to recognize that almost everybody in every walk of life has one sort or another of struggle," his son Josh said in an interview. "There are so many people out there in need of help or support — he learned a lot of that through those experiences."

The Rev. Jeffrey Brown, who heads a faith-based gang intervention group in Roxbury, Mass., and spoke frequently to Romney during his governorship, saw two facets of the man — the executive and the spiritual counselor — come together after Hurricane Katrina when the Massachusetts Legislature provided shelter on Cape Cod for evacuees. Romney wanted members of the black clergy to attend to the arrivals — because he said some would rather talk to pastors than mental health professionals — and asked Brown to lead the effort.

Romney arrived a few days later, telling Brown he wanted to hear the stories directly from the victims, many of whom were from New Orleans' hard-hit Lower 9th Ward.

"He wanted to make sure that their needs were being met," Brown said. "He brought 50 state agencies down there, and everybody's needs were attended to. I'm talking about people who left their houses in such a rush that they forgot their teeth. He had dentists down there to get them their dentures.… He was on it."

But Brown was most surprised watching Romney interact with victims — praying with them, sitting with them on park benches asking about their families, scooping up children and asking for hugs.

"He was pastoral," Brown said. "He was that person with those people."

One of the stories friends are now telling about Romney — to get across their view of him — details the medical school loan he gave to the daughter of a deceased Bain colleague. Romney met with her every semester, according to his son Tagg, to discuss her grades and expenses. After she graduated, he sent her a Christmas card, forgiving the loan.

Read more:,0,5774204.story
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Love it!
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Interesting and  very informative video clips about Mitt Romney.
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Mike Elgan originally shared:
Why you can't trust the food you buy at the supermarket.

If you have 10 minutes to spare, you can learn how giant food corporations profit from adulterated food, and silence the media and the US government.

It's not a new video -- it's from 2008. But if you think you can trust the food corporations, media and USDA, you really need to watch this.

(This is not Fox-bashing. All the major news organizations function the same way.)
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M Monica originally shared:
Good morning Google Plus. #Craftidea for today- if you want creative envelopes, go to #Google Maps, map the route from your letter to the other person's mailbox. Print them up, fold them into 8 by 11 envelopes (or smaller if you are sending #holiday cards).

Edit/Clarification I am getting a lot of confused comments on the directional thing, with people asking, 'what do you do if the person lives west of you?' Use the zoom feature to manipulate the map so the return address is on the back. The postal service has no problem with this. In fact, for formal wedding invitations, it's quite customary to put the return address on the back.

Name labels: Names can done on a sticky label you print out from your computer. Or, if you don't want to bother with printing white labels, use a black sharpie and write the address. This is a very "do it how you want to" project.

This image seen here: There are many different versions of this, however. Create and post your own. You could do a holiday border for Xmas cards.
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