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Well it is interesting to see that there is indeed someone more thin skinned than the current President. Reading the argument is hilarious. There's maybe at best three lines that deal in fact (show covered only the government opinion but presented no other opinion) and the rest of it ranges from "my feelings are hurt" to "he's in the pocket of Clinton."

No doubt, I'm sure that they'll be seeking damages for one bazillion dollars.

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For when you cannot form a scientific opinion, go after people instead. However, what this highlights is that those who oppose climate change regulation do so, not on merits of fact, but on political view.

Al Gore said something, something, something and thus I must be against it. Al Gore could become a strong supporter for Charmin ultra soft and I'm pretty sure that those that ascribe to the ideology on this site would argue until blue in the face for Angel Soft.

Market forces have already decided a direction. It isn't the glorious green future that the far left think it is, but it not the 1930's era of coal that these folks think will come to pass. Instead it will be a mixture of the most cost effective technologies that are out there and solar, geothermal, hydro-electric, wind, and natural gas are the ones that are making the most advances.

That is the reality of things and as much as they would like to think that somehow the political process can change those forces, they forget that free-market powers have made a many Presidents humble. As much as Trump would want coal back, coal is not coming back, it never will be back. That is not speculation, that is market forces actively working against coal. Investors are knee deep in fracking sites and won't see coal trying to remove that investment from them. Those not into the extraction of oil and gas form the Earth, are investing in green technology. Whatever is left is finding home to more exotic technologies such as 4th gen nuclear and fusion projects. Coal has had few takers since the 1990s and to think a four or eight year term will undo three decades of investment strategy is foolish.

Whatever, the merits some feel for the Paris Accords or the latest research. There is no denying, people are making more green technology whether these folks want it or not. Their "cause" is so insignificant, there is little they can do to oppose more environmentally friendly technology. However, that does not stop them from stoking their egos massively by pointing out people and not fact.

"Science advances one funeral at a time." --Max Planck.

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Interesting indeed.  With the buy out of Krspy Kreme and Keurig Green Mountian, JAB has been taking a lot of risk.  Let us see if this new company added to the fold helps hedge the risk a bit.

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Wow I still have this blog!?
Wow.  I can't believe I still have this blog up.  So I tried my hand at Tumblr for awhile and basically it sucks as a blog.  So coming back to the fun world of Blogger and surprise, this one is still around! Go figure. So I guess I'll just be posting random...

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"The problem with telling people to follow the money is they just might take you up on it. Donald Trump’s campaign has adopted that mantra in reference to the Clinton Foundation, but it applies to him in uncomfortable ways, too."

This best describes the fallacy of Donald Trump. His belief is that what's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. I'm not sure if he's just ignorant that everything he says will be equally applied to him, or if it's true malice to just watch the whole process turn into a five alarm dumpster fire.

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Whatever the excuse, it just shows this guy can't run a campaign. Proper vetting is like a cornerstone to basically anything political or at least having a good way to bend the facts to explain your position. But this guy isn't even trying. It's whatever crazy shit he wants to say at whatever time of day he's awake. That's fine, but damn defend it with something halfway logical. If you can't even do that, other leaders in the world are going to gobble you up like nothing.

Trump thinks armies and bombs make you strong, nope, having a fucking brain defines that. Armies and bombs are just great ways to blow up a few people at great cost.

My goodness! Office 2016 is horribly slow. Outlook especially. Not sure if just the way my workplace implements Exchange or what but closing and opening Outlook 2016 is an almost five minute adventure.

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Clear indication that a majority, but not all, of the older generation wants to screw the younger generation. However that said, if the younger generation does not turn out to vote, then don't be surprised when your country is ran into the ground by the elder bigots scared by the Muslim boogyman. #brexit

This should serve as a clear warning to Americans, get out and vote or your country will be ruined. If you don't vote come November, you're an idiot.

My goodness, is hard to understand why the UK has just voted to make their economy so much more difficult to trade with now. I really hope they can make everything themselves because the price of goods is bound to skyrocket soon.

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For anyone who thinks we don't drill in the gulf enough, just sitting down waiting for the ferry to come by here in Alabama and I can count nine platforms from where I sit.

And this is just a small section. There's dozens and dozens that I've seen so far and at night you can see dozens more lit up in the water on the horizon.

All this drill here, drill now crap is a fraud. And if you are wondering why coal is crap, well here you go. People talking about oil, coal, and gas on a political platform are so full of shit.
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