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Someone asked me: " Are you still climbing? " Yes! No! a bit less ... maybe not enough ... but there were other things to do the past months. Long time ago My first plan or let`s call it idea was to go back to Aachen in December, but it turned out different...

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Climbing around Lerdia and bouldering in Albarracin
coniller Climbing and bouldering is a good way to spent time outdoors . 2 more month passed really fast. Now as the days are shorter and you start using the headtorch at 18:30 to prepare your dinner time will pass really fast. The last months I`ve been trav...

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It`s over . After 54 days working in Rodellar as a waiter and waterboy for trees I`m finished here. Time to say goodbye and time to move on. I`m not sad leaving Rodellar, but at the same time I won`t have a basecamp now. Just my Renault Kangoo and some park...

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Spain again
valley    I did it... again I went to Spain for working on a campground and a bit climbing. After some month in Aachen I decided to go back to Rodellar for 2 months working as a waiter and waterboy for trees. Boring but at least the weather is always good a...

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What can I do? I climbed my wishes here for this year except some routes. Too weak, too far away, sometimes lack of motivation and/or no money for smaller trips... because I`m saving again for a new trip to Spain . First stop will be Rodellar again starting...

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Finally the sun is back and as every climber I`m never happy with the
weather. Heat beats up the friction . There`s only on way to avoid
this... let`s hide in caves!!! Last weekend I could climb my project in Ettringen . It`s called " Krieg ich gerne " an...

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gaufres feuilletées a la compote de pommes
start left and finish far out right Someone told me that Belgium is well known for beer ... I can`t tell you a lot about belgium beer, but I go there to climb and to eat some waffles filled with appel and other fruity stuff. Really good! If you are interest...

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solar energy
borderline March: I really like going back to the crags. Getting up early, some kilometers of lazy driving with the car, talking about how nice the sun is, breakfast in the car and the closer you get to the crag the more you realize how much you like to cli...

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and it`s gone...
...the money So what to do? No money? Working in spain? Hmmm... maybe another time. Time to go back. After 5 1/2 months of living in my yellow car, having breakfast under a mostly clear blue sky followed by more good weather, time to climb a lot and time to...

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Ok. I`m in Albaracin . The spanish bouldermekka with tons of red sandstone ready to eat all your skin... no matter if it is your fingertips, handpalm or forearm. Going back bouldering after some month ropeclimbing fells good. The start was a bit hard. The q...
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