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I always need more cowbell.
I always need more cowbell.

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Anatomy of a Haircut
Nurses are wonderful creatures (for the most part). But they are not perfect either. sigh Unfortunately, I recently went under the knife TWICE in the month of June, in the year of our Lord two thousand fourteen. Wasn't too pleasant on my part. The first o...

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If You Insist-eth...
On knowing my bliss.... Sound familiar? Yes, it's partial lyrics from only the greatest band duo evah! Hall and Oats . Yep. You read it here first. However, what is not "first" is my shock back in the day when I first heard Rich Girl by only the greatest ba...

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Vertebroplasties are not all they are "cracked" up to be. Pun intended since cancer has cracked my bone, specifically Lumbar #4. And other unwelcome cancer carbuncles are growing like a grape vine around, above, below and within my Lumbars #3 and #5. Anyhoo...

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Cement, Shellac or even Super Glue!
Just do it already. Apparently, my lumbar #3, not to be confused with lumbar #4 that I got radiated last spring, has decided to become a bugaboo. Yep, she's done fractured herself on me. sigh And how did she accomplish such a feat? Let's just say she had ...

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Nothing to Moo About
You know what? It's been a really rough year. And yes, it's barely started. I want to go back to 2013! Yeesh. Long story short: shots in the buttocks have some wicked side effects. Like intense hip, bone, muscle, joint pain by the boatloads. I thought I had...

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Merry Christmas!
May your day be bright With sounds of delight From.... More cowbell. Merry Christmas! Moooooo. B.S. No bovine were harmed during the production of this post.
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