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CI for Obdi Plugins
A Plugin I was Working On I've been writing Obdi plugins and I wanted the plugin I was currently working on to auto-update itself when I do a git push. I started looking at adding an option to the admin interface, something like an 'auto-update' checkbox in...

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Obdi Rsync Backup Stats
Hi! I've just done a fairly large lift-and-shift from a physical server to AWS using Obdi Rsync Backup and thought I'd share a couple stats. First off, what's this lift and shift? Well, our Obdi server with the Rsync Backup plugin lives in AWS on a single i...

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Obdi - Introducing Rsync Backup
Obdi plugin to do rsync backups with compression, deduplication and snapshotting using zfs.

Additionally it can turn your backup into an Amazon AWS EC2 Volume, AMI or Instance!


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Firefox 48 on Linux Fedora 24
Firefox broke today after an update to Firefox 48.0.1 which was really annoying being my primary work tool, keywords: The application has been updated, but your version of SQLite is too old and the application cannot run. The fix for me, for today: Browse t...

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Nagrestconf Web Site is down
My apologies to anyone unable to access the Nagrestconf Web Site. It's hosted on Sourceforge and it seems to be down - since last night, for the UK at least. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

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New Synagios Released - 0.14.3
Synagios version 0.14.3 released for x86 and arm. Notable changes: More fixes for DSM 6 New mailsender binary - Reported by Thomas Rosin Statically built binary that runs on DSM6 x86 Now accepts lowercase 'data' SMTP command Adds system host name to chroot'...

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Nagrestconf on Synology DSM 6
Synagios version 0.14.2 released for x86 and arm. Notable changes: Fixes for DSM 6 Updated to Nagrestconf 1.174.5.

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Nagrestconf on Centos 7
Installation instructions and RPMs are now available for installing Nagresconf on Centos 7 . More work is needed to make the installation process as short as a Centos 6 install, but it's a start.

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Nrcq Update 0.1.1
Nrcq 0.1.1 has been released today. Notable changes: * Now supports Basic Auth through -U, user, and -P, password, options. Go to the GitHub page to get it.

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Nrcq - Nagrestconf Query Utility
Nrcq is a command line tool that hopes to make the nagrestconf REST api easier to use than using Resty or 'curl' directly. Intended for scripting, it automatically url-encodes/decodes fields where required, outputs in text or json and can show all valid nag...
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