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Happy basudey +Lidya Maulida Djuhandar biar gaul di sini juga ahhahay hahaha

haiiiiii .____. +Lidya Maulida Djuhandar 

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JKT48 1st Stage "PAJAMA DRIVE" shonichi
2012-05-17 Nyi Ageng Serang Hall, Jakarta

After waiting week after weeks, month after months, finally JKT48 debuted their theater show. On May 17th 2012, their first theater show was held on Nyi Ageng Serang hall, on the southern part of Jakarta, and I was one of the 300 persons lucky enough to be able to attend their first show.

When they announced their first show schedule, I was excited, the moment that most of us Indonesian 48 fans have been waiting is finally coming, but my heart was also full of worries: will the show be good ? will the management able to handle the crowd of fans well? will the fans behave well during the show?

Today all of the worries and questions in my head was answered.

I arrived at the site around 1715, the time to claim our ticket was scheduled from 1500 to 1800. When I arrived at the ticket counter, I showed the notification e-mail on my phone and my ID to the ticketing officers, on Akihabara theater or Singapore theater that would suffice, but here, the officers asked me to submit a print out of the e-mail to them. I protested, saying that they shouldn't ask for the print out because it's not enviromentaly friendly, and by showing my ID and my ticket lottery number, they should have been able to check if my claim for the ticket is valid or not, but since they still insisted, I went to a nearby copy/printing service to print the e-mail. I got back to the ticketing counter on 17.55, just minutes before they start to sell the unclaimed tickets to the waiting list number holders.

Around 1815, we entered the inner building and was given a queue number from 1 to 10, I got number 3. The show goers was told to queue according to the numbered queueing lines, and then the staffs randomly picked numbered cards from a bag to determine which queue line would go first, second, and so on. The queue number 10 was called first, and my queue was called just 2nd to the last, and I got a seat in the center part of the 7th of 8 rows. Over all, I liked this system better than the ones on the Akihabara or the singapore theater. kudos to the JKT48 staffs who were able to handle the queueing crowds excellently. m(_ _)m

Before the show begins, some fans asked me if they would be allowed to stand behind the seat rows so they can do crazy moves without obstructing and disturbing other fans during the show, so I asked one of the japanese staff about the matter. Surprisingly, the answer I got was: everyone is allowed to stand, even on the seating rows. I protested, saying that since the floor was flat and the stage was not high enough, if the people in the seating rows were standing, the ones behind will not be able to see the stage, but the staff insisted that he wanted the show to be lively so he wanted everybody to be standinng during the show. Fortunately, even though the staffs allowed the fans to stand, the fans decided to stay seated so everyone can watch the show. kudos to the fans ^_^

The stage set list was Pajama Drive setlist, translated to bahasa Indonesia.

"Shonichi" kick-started the show. While I'm always reluctant to see the song performed by other than the original Team B, and being translated made the song sounded a little bit weird, the performance was actually enjoyable. But it was Hisatsu Teleport that made the crowd sound excited.

After the 4 openning group songs, the girls started the intro MC. I was not familiar with most of the girls, so I really paid attention the the intro MC. I didn't take note of what the girls said, bit one thing really caught my attention: ghaida has a screechy talking voice XD Over all, it was very nice to hear the girls introduce themselves in a more relaxed way than the scripted catch phrase they usualy said on the TV performances.

Tenshi no shippo
The members: Nabilah (rabutan position), rena, dhike.
Overall the songs was performed cutely, although I feel that dhike is a little bit out of her place in this song, because she's not really cutesy type member. Nabilah being herself sometimes put a little bit too much force on her movements, rena was very cute. One thing I noted, the cat tail on the costume seemed a little bit too small compared to the skirts they wore. They should either make the tails bigger, or the skirts shorter, I prefer the later option :D

Pajama Drive
The members: Shania (Mayuyu position), Sendy, Ayana.
I have too high expectations for this song (it's mayu's, harugon's and nacchan's song after all) so I will say that they didn't meet my expectation for this song. But that's not saying that they performed badly, it's just that I am too biased when it comes to this song :)

Junjou Shugi
The members: Sonya (haachan position), Stella, Ve
Now, although this is not the real Team B junjou shugi, I must say this: SONYA IS HOTTTTTTT !!!!! Stella and Ve also performed well, but SONYA IS JUST TOO DAMN HOT!!! (eventhough according to my friend who is haachan's fan, her pace is too slow :D )
I really really think Sonya should be put on Nacchan's role on the set list, she's hmmm.... I don't know what how to say this in english, but in bahasa indonesia, her body is "padat berisi" just like nacchan, and although she doesn't have nacchan's stamina (yet) she also has the same movement type as nacchan. And that made me wonder how much hotter Junjou Shugi would be if Nacchan performed it.

Temo Demo no Namida
The members: Melody (yukirin position), Jeje
hmmm my mind was still full of sonya's hotness so I can't say much about this song performance other than it's not as cold and precise as it was when it was performed by yukirin and mikachi.

Kagami no naka no Jean D'arc
The members: Kinal (ayarin position), Bebi, Cleo, Ochi, Ghada
Well, it's not as powerful as the original song, but I think it was to be expected, given the nature of the song and this was the first show. Just give the members some more time to practice the song, and they would be able to perform it more powerfully next time.


2 years later, Inochi no tsukaimichi, Kissu shite son sichatta

I was really-really waiting to hear the translation of the Inochi no tsukaimichi, because of the song's risque nature. In the translation, the "ojisan" words were removed but surpirisngly the other risque parts were left intact. When Ghaida was asked to explain what this song was about by the other members during an mc after the song, she could not find words to describe it, and finally she gave up and just said "girls are always too anxious about things" XD

Kissu shite son shicatta, was very very very enjoyable, given the song's beat was very similar to "PopDut" beat, a music genre popular among indonesian grass root.

Boku no sakura is a nice ending song for the pre-encore part of the show. Some of the performing members were touched by the song, and were sobbing by the end of the song.

- encore.. the encore command was: "JKT" and the other fans replied with: "48"

Wasshoi J
Just like Wasshoi B, the song made the room exploded :D Even though the song was titled Wasshoi J, I would like to give a nick name to the song: "Asoy J". "Asoy" is an indonesian slang word that means "exciting, enjoyable"

Over all the show was good, it exceeded my expectation of JKT48, the first AKB48 sister group outside japan. And I was very lucky to be one of the people that was able to watch the first show.

I'm not sure I can sway my friends that hate JKT48 to like them, but today I finally am able to say wholeheartedly, despite their weaknesses, their shortcomings, their sometimes weird decisions, JKT48 IS REALLY WORTH SUPPORTING! AND NOT JUST BECAUSE OF THE NUMBER 48 ON THEIR NAME.
- I presume most of JKT48 fans are not familiar with Pajama Drive Set List, but surprisingly, the timing for the mix was very good

- Rena, who's a japanese JKT48 member, is still learning bahasa indonesia, so she often has clueless expression on her face, and it makes her that much cuter <3

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makasih buat semuaa yang udah dateng nonton JKT48,yang jauh2 dari luar bandung juga terimakasih banyak hati2 ya pulang nyaa
sekalian mau share foto hehe


i'm gonna go crazy..

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Me ans dhike :*

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JKT48 - Pajama’s Drive (First Live Theater Concert-2012)

credit :Jpopasia
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