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Scott Medina, Calling The Dominican Republic My Home.
Scott Medina, Calling The Dominican Republic My Home.

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Hi, everyone, Scott Medina again. Here's the April photos of the new "modern" house being built in Punta Cana Village. We've made a great amount of progress in the last weeks (as you can see if you look at our prior gallery for this home). We've gone from preparing the lot and laying the foundation/footers, all the way to "going vertical". At this point in the construction, I'd like to take a moment to point out how strange it must look for some people to see the wooden poles/joists and supports in the "condition" that they're in. The real estate construction process in Punta Cana (you may very well have seen other single family homes like this being built in communities like Cocotal, or Iberostate) is unlike what you'd see in the US and/or Canada (for example). Everything is concrete, and the cost of skilled labour is quite low, so you see more people working with hands then hi-tech tools. The concrete and aggregate is dumped on-site, and the house begins to take shape. So, regarding the wood.... Wood construction is almost unheard of in the Dominican (aside from village homes). Not only is Dominican a major supplier of aggregate to the rest of the Caribbean, but they have a "shortage" (for lack of a better word) of wood and timber. What you're seeing in these photos is actually recycled/reclaimed wood from other projects. They're using these piece of wood as support beams while the mortar and cement "cure" on the actual load-bearing structure. As we publish more pictures, you'll begin to see this "war zone" of a construction site begin to take shape.
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Hi, please take a moment to check all of our sales listings for Bavaro, Punta Cana, and other areas of the Dominican Republic via our Facebook page (also, please remember to "Like" us)! Thanks :)

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Hi, Scott Medina again - as expected! We've just gotten some of our Team Photos in, and boy it sure is clear how much we've grown at Go Punta Cana Real Estate. We've come such a long way since starting out close to a decade ago with La Costa Destinations. Of course none of this success would be at all possible without great people just like you traveling to this beautiful area of the Dominican Republic! A special thanks to everyone that heard our message; "The Caribbean Is Calling"; and also a special thanks to my team - without them there'd be no Go Punta Cana Real Estate.

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Hi, Scott Medina here again with Go Punta Cana Real Estate (Formerly La Costa Destinations). Our real estate sales and rental business in the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana and Bavaro areas primarily) has been doing great recently; we've been meeting so many new and unique people. As such, you may have heard that I've started construction on my new personal residence (for myself and my family) but will also consider selling should the right buyer come along. You see, we're going to be adding a new "development & construction" arm to #GoPuntaCanaRealEstate soon; and what better way to showcase what we're capable of than by building our own home! Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! So, anyways, along the way - over the years, we've followed along a lot of new construction projects anywhere from #Cocotal, to #Iberostate, #CostaAtlantica to #PuntaCanaResort - so you may already be familiar with the process. Take a look at the photos here (this is my new house underway - status as of around March 2015) and you can see the footers and foundation beginning to take shape. Check out our websites for further information, but I, #ScottMedina, will surely keep you updated with photos throughout the process of this home project. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about this project and more!
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Here’s a very brief look at the real estate market today in Punta Cana and Bavaro. I’m posting this on the Scott Medina Page as opposed to the Go Punta Cana Real Estate page simply due to the fact that I wish to give you some broad, less detailed information. First, I’d like to mention the importance of hiring a professional in this market area. It’s not the US, it’s not Canada - things are different. By different, I don’t mean a ripoff, I simply mean that due diligence is paramount when buying (and even renting). Navigating this marketplace can be done on your own, but working hand in hand with someone who has been here for a while - doing business in the real estate arena, learning the ins and outs, is certainly an invaluable resource. There are still (and I imagine there always will be) people that come here and get themselves into a pickle - maybe they don’t understand the tax laws, the escrow laws, or even something as general as the local business customs - either way it ends up costing them time and money. This can be avoided. Of course I’d recommend you use my services, but you can also search online for local forums and people that have done what you’d like to do. You can visit and talk to local expats that have already gone through the trials and tribulations to relocate (both full and part time) to the Dominican Republic. Connecting with the right people is the best way for you to achieve almost all your goals and desires. Remember, I’m here to help.

Looking around this area - Punta Cana, and more importantly Bavaro - it’s amazing to see the progress that’s occurred here. No more than nine or ten years ago, most of what is now Los Corales and the “El Dorado” area were simply dirt roads you could barely pass a sport utility through. Bavaro - even though it’s 15 minutes from the PUJ airport - seemed like it was truly “off the beaten path”. Going off the beach by just 500 meters would put you in a “jungle” - nothing but trees and trails. Fast forward to today and hundreds of condos have been built. The roads are not only “paved”, but the Los Corales area has become a destination and a thoroughfare. The “jungle” has become on of the nicest walkable communities around, with a diverse set of neighborhoods all meandering their way through the tropical foliage - a true Caribbean Paradise. New condos are popping up everywhere - each development building upon the last - the infrastructure is growing accordingly (slowly in areas but by leaps and bounds in others). Home values are on the rise and rental values are keeping pace with the international “vacation” market.

Interestingly enough, with the constant growth in construction, the area is not becoming “overbuilt” - in that there is not an excess of residences driving the prices down. Why do I say this? Well, the commercial sector is also growing - and growing fast. Businesses and services are being built and opened quickly and methodically enough that there’s always demand for more and more people to move to the area. With the completion of the highway that empties out right in Punta Cana - many people from around the country are now finding it not only viable, but appealing, to begin developing this area. Oh, and land? There’s a lot of it - we’re in no danger of creating one big “parking lot” in the Caribbean here. For decades to come, you’ll still know you’re in the Caribbean.

This area has done a great job at offering properties at nearly every price point. That’s one of the things I love about it here; you don’t have to be a multimillionaire to live the dream in this area. Sure, if you’d like a mansion in the palm trees (i.e. Cap Cana), a private golf course enclave (i.e. Iberostate), or an oceanfront castle (i.e Punta Cana Resort), then we can certainly cater to that desire, but if you’re like more than half the people venturing over to the Dominican Republic, you’re likely just looking for a great condo and a great price. You’re in luck in Bavaro.  You can live like a queen or king here and the growth potential is near-limitless. Oh, and you’re right in the middle of all the “things to do In Bavaro” - and a short drive from the Punta Cana International Airport.

Since the “dirt roads” I’ve mentioned, we’ve seen the opening of many new shopping malls and centers, including both Downtown Punta Cana, Blue Mall, and of course San Juan Shopping Center. We’ve seen major additions to the Punta Cana International Airport to accommodate massive volumes of traffic, we’ve seen the completion of a new national highway system, and too many business and services to list in one article.

You can visit my Go Punta Cana Real Estate Google+ Page, or my Scott Medina Blog for many more detailed articles about the real estate climate in the area.

As time progresses, keep checking back to my Scott Medina Google Plus page, as I’ll be adding some of my dining, shopping, and entertainment recommendations for the area. Bookmark this page now! Thanks Again, and I look forward to speaking with as many of you as I can. The Caribbean Is Calling!

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If you're looking for real estate for sale in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, or vacation rentals in one of the World's "hottest" destinations then #GoPuntaCanaRealEstate has what you're looking for. You've come to my personal Google+ page, however visit us for the best Punta Cana Real Estate by visiting the following link: or visit us directly at The Caribbean Is Calling!
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