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In light of the news of the demise of the BCS in favor of a playoff scheme - I've always wondered why four-team playoffs often end up matching 1st vs. 4th and 2nd vs. 3rd. Would it be fairer to go 1st vs. 3rd and 2nd vs. 4th? In a 2nd vs. 3rd game, I suppose anything could happen, but how often does a 4th-seed beat the 1st-seed? I don't know, just wondering.

I think it's great Peyton Manning is going to the Denver Broncos. Great quarterback, but even better will be the media frenzy and Tebow fallout. Last season played out even crazier than I'd hoped. Now, let the circus begin.

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Mardi Gras or what, y'all? :)

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The Sheiks - 99 And A Half Won't Do

Awesome late '70s / early '80s New Orleans band that I contend was seriously ahead of its time.

Here's my prediction before today's conference championships: Baltimore vs. SF in the Super Bowl.

WOW. The Broncos just beat the Steelers for the wildcard playoff victory, on Tebow's ARM strength and accuracy, of all things. Didn't see that coming. What a dramatic finish.

I just watched the University of Oregon marching band play "Panama" by Van Halen on the field at halftime in the Rose Bowl. That's cool, but completely unexpected. Why doesn't that sort of thing happen more often?
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