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Mighty Minds Grand Final 2014 (Part 3)
Last day of our trip. We ate breakfast early in the morning and went back to pack our belongings. Upon deciding to spend some quality time before heading home, we had enjoyed a movie entitled "How to train your dragon 2" and I've retrieved a free line sunda...

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Mighty minds grand final 2014 (part 1)
Howdy! After surviving restless week in preparation of examination, finally I am free! So here ya go, as I promised to blog about my mighty minds experience. (Note: there's quite a lot of pictures here! ) Even though we didn't take the cake, but we have gai...

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I'm joining the BSM marching competition. I don't know whether it is a right choice for me.. as exam is approaching!! The exam must be really hard, format changes..

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I am annoyed. Basically it's mainly because I have no time to study. I grew furious because of this shitty matter. Haih.. how frustrating is it!? moreover, mighty minds is approaching.... I keep every bit of stress with myself. It's suffocating... and I'm n...

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I had braces last Friday, enduring a week of eating the same food, porridge. Well, it's quite painful especially the moment when you started to bite any food. I could barely grit my teeth, so eating was considered to be a problem. Now that I'm gradually hea...

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time wasting on holiday
Well check up my new blogskin! I fancy these types of blogskin recently so I've decided to give my blog a new yet refreshing look :) Anyway I've tested for my IQ just now. Frankly, my result was quite acceptable. My IQ score is 122. I thought it would be le...

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striked feels
Optimists seeks chances in every difficulties, while the pessimists seeks difficulty in every obstacles. That's what the folks say. I've not been able to present well in the oral presentation at class today. During my presentation, my hands and legs were sh...

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Feeling blue
Geez.. I've caught a fever. These days I keep sneezing and it really bothers me. I hate to catch a cold especially during these days... I mean we are going to face a huge exam not longer after this. I am now heavy-minded, writing for this blog post. I could...

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activities in school
好久不见啊! I feel like typing Chinese starting now. Seriously I need to get improvement in my Chinese... so does my English.  * Language advancing in progress, hopefully *  As you can see, I haven't updated this blog for a few months. To be honest I'm busy deal...
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