Riot Police Supress Occupy Portland Protestors With Brutal Force

Occupier Justin James Bridges hospitalized after being beaten by the police, with his arm unusable and no sensation in his leg:

Portland Police Chief Reese: 503-823-0000
Portland Mayor Sam Adams: 503-823-4120

I was at Occupy Portland all of Saturday until 4:45 in the morning. I went home to sleep and didn't get back downtown until after 2 pm. I actually watched the immediate lead-up to this incident on live stream, just before I headed down town to try to keep the peace. I went through all of that not knowing of this incident.

The Portland police came so close to managing a peaceful eviction. The Occupation came so close to managing a peaceful eviction. I talked with an officer last night and thanked him for the fact that it had gone as peacefully as possible and he thanked me for the fact that we had kept it peaceful as well. On both sides of the line (we are all the 99%, I talked to a police officer on Saturday who wanted a Occupy Portland t-shirt because he agreed with us), almost all of us managed to keep it peaceful. Saturday night one protester assaulted an officer (who suffered a minor injury) and was arrested. When will the police officers who assaulted Justin James Bridges (who suffered far worse at the hands of multiple officers) be arrested?
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