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Our charitable aims include: "The relief of persons in need by reasons of age, ill health, disability or financial hardship in particular, but without limitation, by the provision of facilities for rest or convalescence."

We are superbly matched to meet these needs; we are in a beautiful restful location and the atmosphere of the Guest House is friendly and convivial.
Holidays at Glenthorne for the less advantaged are enabled by grants from our reserved bursary fund:
Rest and renewal for anyone in need of a holiday in Glenthorne's special environment
Rest breaks for Carers, as well as holidays for people who need to come with a carer
Attendance of Quaker events, or participation in Glenthorne's Special Interest Programme.

Glenthorne’s Bursary Fund exists to help people who need a holiday and who cannot afford to finance it themselves. They may be Friends, they may have no connection with Quakers at all, all they have in common in a need, a need for rest, refreshment and recuperation.
A look at some of the applications for bursary help in 2012 helps us to understand some of the desperate circumstances in which applicants find themselves. A couple wrote “We have been ill for several months and we have no money whatsoever. We do need a break.” A younger woman wrote “I am on a very low income and I am recovering from injuries caused by a car accident.” Another hoped to bring an elderly relative with her who “has little sight and has poor hearing and has a small pension.” One woman who had been to Glenthorne in a previous year said, “Glenthorne restores my spirits in a special way.” A woman wrote that her husband had a degenerative disease and was finding mobility more and more difficult. Another woman, unable to work, speaks of deteriorating health, partly brought on through looking after her mother who had cancer. Two people who had been to Glenthorne before, hoped to return. “We were with you last year, a piece of heaven we have never felt so at peace and relaxed. We wish to thank you for all your kindness shown to us.”
Applicants receive either a full bursary or a 50% one. We try not to be intrusive about their affairs but each applicant must have a note of support from a Quaker Elder, Overseer or Clerk or a doctor or social worker. We are not sure how all our applicants hear about Glenthorne. We plan to ask how they know about us on their application form.
Now that Glenthorne has two new bedrooms especially planned for those with disability we hope to welcome more people who would benefit from a holiday in such accommodation.
We are also aware that we live in difficult times when poverty and inequality are on the increase and that many are suffering hardship. To meet the needs of those who seek our help we require additional Bursary funds and we are appealing to Meetings and individual Friends to increase their support for our work.
To apply for bursary support, please contact the Manager at Glenthorne.
The bursary fund also enables the following key project:

THE WELCOME PROJECT: respite holidays for asylum seekers, refugees and their families. Glenthorne arranges these holidays in cooperation with asylum seeker support groups in the north of England.

The bursary fund is supported by income from Glenthorne's Trading Company, plus donations from Grant Making Trusts, Quaker meetings and individuals.

Further enquiries about our charitable work are very welcome.  

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Two minutes walk from Glenthorne, Grasmere has a general store, newsagents, chemist and post office, many quality gift and book shops, a garden centre, tea rooms, pubs and restaurants.
Grasmere church, Dove Cottage and Rydal Mount, are open to the public interested in Wordsworth and his life in the lakes and are only a short distance from Glenthorne. Walks, both relaxing and more arduous, are numerous and start from right outside our front door. Maps may be borrowed from the guest house.

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Glenthorne was for many years the cherished holiday home of Linton Taylor - a Yorkshire carpet manufacturer and prominent Quaker. In 1961 the house and its grounds were bequeathed to the Society of Friends (Quakers) to be held in trust and used as a place for Quakers and others to come for purposes of religious worship, for rest, for convalescence after illness and for other activities of a charitable nature.

It was opened as a guest house in 1964 and over the last forty years has been used by Friends and others for conferences and holidays. We provide a place of worship, respite and renewal to those in need and we offer facilities where Quaker spiritual, charitable and educational concerns can be advanced.

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Some pictures of the flowers in our garden.
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Afternoon tea in the sun.
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