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Ubido Murphy
Love what u do then u will be at peace with yourself
Love what u do then u will be at peace with yourself

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Who is the manufacturer of this earpix

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Digby commented on I am starting to hate Frank Lampard now...everybody know he stayed at Chelsea for 13yrs ...he should have respect for the club who made him what he is ...people says Chelsea let him go but players like Henry, Beckham legends of their club never joined their rival club..they had respect for the club...everyone saying we should respect Lamps for his professionalism but we need start hating him ...half a season for loan is acceptable but agreeing to join Man City whole season it hurts hurt more than Spurs scoring five past but scoring winner for Man City thats really sucks ..Hope he gets lots of boos when he plays Man City at January ...if I see the Lamps legends banner I think i going to so so maaad...

I leave my life not to please man but my creator(GOD almigty and his son my personal savoir lord master JESUS

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my galaxy 5 i5503, touch screen got crack, i do really nid 2 change d screen, where can i purchase a nu touch screen in nigeria?
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