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Pretty good day all in all... coffee and good conversation with one of my best friends for a few hours. Got home, and just hung out with Nathan till Michael got home from work. Dinner for the 2 of us with Jon Ware at Dos Margaritas, then watching The Avengers at Rave.

I also discovered what has been wrong with my phone. My old extended battery died on me, I guess it's been having issues for awhile. Got the new one picked up as we were walking to the theater.

All in all a good day, other then finding out mi hija was sick at school (sorry princess... my phone was completely dead when you called me).

So while I was in Champaign my phone started messing up... getting constant reboot cycles going on for no reason.. sometimes 6 times in a row. Got my replacement in Monday, set it up, works great. Went to go use the camera the night before last and it doesn't work grrrr! I tried a factory reset, to no avail... the next new replacement phone comes in tomorrow.

Tonight seems like a good night for booze, and maybe getting wasted.... just sayin.

I don't think my eyes are liking the solution I have been using for my contacts. I have another one that they gave me that's for more sensitive eyes so I am gonna try that one tonight.

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The hubby says evilllllllll, but I say more!

And by request dinner tonight will be enchiladas, Spanish rice, and amarillos.

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While Kylie is my woman, Esthero brings something to the table that just strikes a chord with me.

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So much fun!

Yay, inventory is done at the store I was helping out in. Back to my store to finish up any hours I still need to get. Of course next week I get to do it all over again at my store.

And today is gonna be fun... maybe... I am gonna get fitted for contacts. While I like my glasses I am just too rough on them, plus I miss what I look like without them. This will be interesting.

The past three weeks have been emotional hell on me, which in turn has been physically challenging. While it's not 100% better I am slowly finding a happy place. I'm remembering how to smile. I know us cancers are emotional people, but I have long had a problem showing them properly, and letting them out.

I just want to thank the people who are greatly important in my life. Some of you know who you are, some of you may not know because I am not the most vocal brother, friend, son, or person. I'm trying to work on all of that... one day I will get it right. Till then I will continue to keep working on fixing my mistakes and myself, and finally reach that happy place.
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