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Luscious Goddess Life, Vibrant Health + Lucrative Business for Spiritual Women
Luscious Goddess Life, Vibrant Health + Lucrative Business for Spiritual Women

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Has it been a tough week for you? (It has for me and I'll share more about what's going on soon).

Are there people or situations in your life that you’re finally willing to let go of?

Are there things you want to move on from and leave behind?

Do you feel the need to let go of your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual baggage?


Wonderful because TONIGHT is the perfect time to so the releasing work. Down below I'm giving you a super simple Full Moon Releasing Ritual I lightly tweaked from Om & Ah London that will teach you how to let your fears and worries out into the Universe so the Divine can take care of them for you.

Last night (Sunday) was the March Full Moon, so tonight we are still in the Full Moon window but SHE is waning (getting smaller in size) - the perfect time for releasing.

The Full Moon is the energetic time to let go of all the things that no longer serve you and parts of your life that you have outgrown. It is also a time for forgiveness, to heal from situations or people that might have hurt you.

This month, the Full Moon falls in the sign of Virgo {a big shout out to my fellow Virgos!}.

Use the virgin’s healing energy to soothe and heal any areas of your life that are causing you pain or stress.

A Full Moon ritual helps you to release any negativity in your life. It will allow you to set new intentions for the coming of the New Moon, which will fill you with fresh ideas and new beginnings.

🌕 🔥 Full Moon Releasing Ritual 🔥🌕

Gather the following items: a pen, paper, matches, a candle, two small bowls, water, and if you wish, crystals (I'm working with Bloodstone, Aquamarine and Amazonite). Find a place outside under the full moon to perform the ritual. If you can’t, a quiet place indoors will do.

Take a moment to breathe and ground + center. Turn off your phone and any other electronics or put them on silent. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, in and out, until your mind is clear and your body is relaxed.

Create a sacred space. Fill one bowl with water, and place both bowls in front of you. Your crystal choices should be chosen based on the obstacles you’re dealing with. Pick your favorite candle or incense and light it.

If you would like to take full advantage of Virgo’s self-healing qualities, choose one with a crisp, earthy smell that isn’t too strong or heavy -- like jasmine, sandalwood, or citrus. Since Virgo is associated with the Earth element, candles in earthy notes would also work well.

Write down your troubles. On a piece of paper, write down the things or people you want to let go of, the beliefs you want to free yourself from, or any habits or situations that have given you fear or anxiety. Write as much or as little as you like, but the more detail you put into each problem, the easier it will be for the moon to work its magic.

Visualize the healing. When you’re done, close your eyes and imagine all of your problems being healed. Take as much time as you like. Really visualize how it would feel to resolve the situation. How would you feel? What would your reaction be? What would you do after?

End with forgiveness and release. When you’re done visualizing, let all the negative energy you have towards those problems drain away. By letting go of the situation or the problem, you create room in yourself for growth and new opportunities.

Give your intentions to the universe. Breathe in deep and declare, “I now let this go. And it is so.” Hold your paper over the candle and allow it to catch fire, then place it into the empty fire safe bowl to burn. The smoke will take your intentions up into the universe.

Wash away your old self. Wash your hands in the bowl of water. This symbolizes cleansing and opening yourself up to new things. Then, sit in silence with your hands crossed over your heart for a moment. Thank the moon for releasing you from your doubts and old frame of mind, and for filling your heart with new beginnings.

Most importantly, go with what works for you. If your intuition tells you to meditate on your problems or to rip up your paper instead of burning it, follow that path. At the end of it all, the ritual is all about your intention.

The New Moon, which takes place on March 28th, is a time for new beginnings and new ways of looking at things. Download my free NEW MOON MANIFESTATION RECORD and have everything you need to manifest your desires on a MONTHLY basis!

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Ready to manifest your desires utilizing New Moon energy?

My free New Moon Manifestation Record has beautifully designed worksheets crafted to help you manifest your dreams MONTHLY!

You can download your copy here »

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YOU have epic POWER!

Now, you might not believe me based on how you feel at the moment... but you do.

You are a piece of Divine magic having a human experience - so I kid you not when I say that >>> YOU can bless people, places and things just as powerfully as the Pope.

And YES, I'm referring to the Pope that lives at the Vatican in Rome.

{and just in case that bold declaration ruffled your feathers, I'm not minimizing the Pope's awesome-ness... I'm simply pointing out YOUR awesomeness too}.

I made a quick video about your power to bless - you can view it here:

The bottom line is that every person has within them the power to bless or curse shit... it's either wishing good or bad on a person, place or thing.

We all have a shadow side and a light side, it's part of being human. My definition of magical living is cultivating the light aspects of WHO I am while loving and acknowledging my Shadow side {and doing some ritual + spellwork, making lotions and potions, working with the Moon, and other really cool stuff too}.

My question for you today is, how would your life experience improve if you recognized + cultivated your personal power and lived each day as if it were an act of magic?

You see, I believe in you and I see your potential... and no matter how disenchanted you feel with life, I know what' possible for you when you claim your magic and begin sharing your light with the world.

And yes I am on a mission to empower you to become the most powerful and healthy version of YOU possible... and if that irritates you #sorrynotsorry

Trust me when I say - the world needs your magic and light... your loved ones need you to be healthy and powerful... and it's easier than you think to do...

So stick with me my lovely, I'm here for you!

Now, go bless something!

Magical Blessings,
Lisa xi

P.S. Exciting expansion announcement! My sacred offering, The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ has expanded!!! After realizing how much information and teaching is included within my Sisterhood group - OMG I had to rename it. The NEW name encompasses the offering much more accurately.

INTRODUCING >>> The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ and School of Magical Living!

Now how exciting does that sound - right? My team is busy working on updating the graphics and stuff, but I couldn't wait to share new name with you! Click here to join us and begin cultivating your magical life and personal power!

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Today is when Imbolc (also known as Candlemas) and Groundhog Day is traditionally celebrated - HOWEVER, Imbolc technically arrives when the Sun reaches 15 degrees Aquarius which is tomorrow (Friday, February 3rd)... and thanks to a FABULOUS Goddess Lifestyle Plan Community member who took the time to do some research and email me, I know when Imbolc arrives in Kildare, Ireland where St. Brigids Flame is tended!!!

Friday, February 3, 2017 at 3:44:45 pm

So I thought it would be fun (and useful) to send you a simple ritual that will empower you to welcome light into your life in honor of this sacred crossquarter day. I {slightly} adapted the following ritual from the book Candlemas by Amber K and Azrael Arynn K. You can check the book out at my Amazon Store:

* A Imoblc/Candlemas Rite for One *

You’ll need:

A small table to create your altar
A red and/or white altar cloth (a scarf, wrap or table cloth will work just fine too!)
5 red or white candles
Water and salt
Incense and a burner
Chalice or cup filled with pure water or a healing herbal tea such as chamomile
A picture or symbol of something you’ve created, or the thing itself
A small red stone (carnelian or red jasper, for example) or white (snowy quartz or angel jasper).

Before you begin the steps listed below, take a ritual bath (I use Dead Sea salt and essential oils) to release any negative emotions (imagine them melting away like snow), and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.

Light a single candle then light incense to purify the space.

In your own words, invite Brigit, the great Celtic triple goddess of healing, inspiration, and smithcraft, to your ritual. You may also wish to invite the male aspect of divinity; one good choice would be the Dagda, the “Good Father” and god of protection and abundance.

Now be seated before the altar, and ask the Three Blessings of Brigit:

Healing: Think about your health. Resolve to take specific steps to heal any part of you that needs it; write them down. Take up the chalice, salute Brigit, say “I ask for Your blessing of Healing,” and drink it down. Light a second candle on the altar.

Inspiration: What project or problem faces you that requires inspiration? Where do you need ideas, insights and understanding? Speak your need aloud. Lift the incense burner (carefully, if it’s hot), waft some of the smoke toward your face and inhale gently, then say “I ask for Your blessing of Inspiration.” Light another candle on the altar.

Craft: Meditate on what you want to create in the season ahead. A work of art, a piece of furniture, a new skill such as cooking or competence with a computer? Speak aloud (and write down) the first three steps you will take to achieve it. Look at the item on your altar that represents something you have already made or achieved, and remember how you did it. Take the small red or white stone and say, “I ask for your blessing of Smithcraft.” Light another candle. Carry the stone with you until you have met your goal.

Stand, and speak these words:

Three blessings have I asked, and now I ask one more. Brigit, goddess of sovereignty who grants power to kings, grant that I may have rulership over myself; my own imagination, my will, my emotions, my body and my life, that I may do my part to make all blessings real. So mote it be!

Light the fifth candle.

Now celebrate in the way that feels best to you: write a poem, make something with your hands, dance, enjoy refreshments or whatever you wish. When you feel complete, say farewell to the Elemental powers and thank Brigit.

May your days be filled with love, may your heart be filled with light, and may goddess Brigid bless and protect you today and every day. And so it is.

Lisa xo
P.S. It is my absolute belief that nothing will empower you more than connecting with your goddess power by inviting magic into your daily life and surrounding yourself with a group of like-minded women. That's why I created The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood - we make magical shit happen on a daily basis {like literally on a daily basis)... Join us here:

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Creating an altar in your home is ESSENTIAL to living the goddess lifestyle - it keeps you connected to your personal magic, the magic that exists all around you AND your divinity. I have many, many altars in and around my home.

{I’ve been doing this magic thing for a looooong time}

Lovely, setting up a devotional altar need not be a daunting task – as a matter of fact, it can {and should} be joyful and creative.

I’m here to help, so here we go!!!

Knowledge is power, so a little backstory on why we celebrate Imbolc and goddess Brigid >>> Imbolc, the festival of light, is also referred to as Brigid’s Day (pronounced “Breed’s Day”). Brigid is the Celtic goddess of healing, smithcraft, and poetry. She was turned into St. Bridgit with the Christianization of Europe, but her worship has never completely gone away – her sacred wells can still be found in abundance throughout the Irish countryside, and at the great monastery in Kildare. HER fire is still tended by nuns, never allowed to go out.

Imbolc is also known as Candlemas and falls on February 2nd or when the sun is at 15 degrees in Aquarius. The days are lengthening in time each day as we move towards the Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. We celebrate Imbolc as the starting of spring and the slow renewal of nature.

Join me in celebrating your goddess nature by setting up or refreshing your altar with seasonal items – it’s time my friend!

Altar Items For Imbolc Can Include:

Pussywillow, Forsythia or Witch Hazel branches in a vase

Potted bulbs (daffodil, tulips or hyacinth)

Deity Statues - Goddesses of Imbolc: Virgin or maiden goddesses, the Goddess as a child; Brigit, Aradia, Athena, Gaia, Ianna Februa, Hestia. Gods of Imbolc: Gods of fire, the God as a young man or child, love or fertility gods, Pan, Aengus Og, Eros, Februus, Faunus,

Gemstones: Amethyst, Bloodstone, Garnet, Onyx, Ruby and Turquoise

Candles in white (to represent fresh fallen snow), dark green (to represent Brigit’s green cloak) or baby blue

A Brigit’s Cross (sun cross) made from straw or reed

Herbs (rosemary or bay leaves)

Food offerings (onions, leeks, shallots, raisins)

NOTE: Choose items for your altars that feel intuitively right to you… magic is an art – create it from your vision!

Practical Magic ideas:

Eat whole foods that are in season such as Arugula, Asparagus, Beets, Bok choy, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Carrots, Celery, Cilantro, Clementines, Dill, Fennel, Grapefruit, Kale, Lemons, Lettuce, Leeks, Oranges, Onions, Parsnips, Pears, Shallots, Sweet Potatoes, Tangelos, Tangerines, Turnips and Rhubarb.

Drink Tea – it’s really healthy for you. My favorite kinds of tea are loose tea blends with flowers – especially tiny rosebuds or lavender. I buy my tea blends from Mountain Rose Herbs or on Etsy. Etsy has some of the most beautiful, unique and magical shops!

Make self-care a priority; get massages, rest more and go to sleep by 11pm.

Slow down and enjoy the last few weeks of hibernation, you have a busy year of creation and manifestation of your goals and desires ahead!

I hope this email inspired you! Life becomes EXCITING when you shift your focus away from the mundane and choose to live magically and in tune with nature.

May the quiet beauty of the season bless you and yours as the Great Wheel Of The Year turns towards spring. So it is.

Winks, Shimmies & Magic,
Lisa XO

P.S. If you loved the content of this email, you MUST join The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood – we talk about this stuff EVERY DAY! Enrollment is OPEN at a reduced membership price AND I’m gifting you a copy of my Your Goddess Year™ 2017 Workbook (value $49) as a BONUS – so you’re basically getting 2 months membership for free >>>

Empowered magical living awaits you... 

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When boiled down to its purest essence, living the Goddess Lifestyle is enjoying a day-to-day life experience that is filled with peace, grace and flow.

One of my personal empowerment practices it to continually check in and evaluate each of the 12 key areas of my life to determine where I’m at happiness and flow wise, and to identify what I need more of, less of, and what I need to completely banish from my life; be it bad habits, self sabotaging behaviors, people, etc.

Nothing can mess with a woman’s personal power and magic more than being out of alignment or in a downward spiral in a particular key area of her life. Women are intuitive, emotional creatures, so we can feel it big-time when things are out of whack!

Along my journey to the empowered woman you see today, I’ve picked up a few useful daily practices that I'm going to share with you over the next few days. If my message speaks to you, be sure to stop by and claim my free gift, The Goddess Lifestyle Swag Bag, it has a bunch of fabulous nibbles that will assist you in designing your goddess life! Here's the link >>>

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[FREE * LIVESTREAM] The Help More People Formula

Hey there! Ever wonder how many people you’ll impact in your lifetime?

Some crazy stats:

On average, we live for 78.3 years. Most of us remember people we meet after age 5.

Assume you interact with 3 new people daily (on average), 365 days in a year plus leap year days is 365.24. In total it will be (78.3 – 5) x 3 x 365.24 = 80,000 people.

80,000 people!

And that’s without even TRYING!

Now, imagine what would happen if you were actually intentional about impact … if you started a business … if you mastered your message … if you launched a movement.

Imagine the (good) kind of havoc you could wreak if you helped the kind of people YOU wanted to help, gained the kind of influence that could lead to greater impact…

...and make an income that allowed you to impact even MORE people?

There’s a way to do it, because my friend Suzanne Evans figured it out. She went from a struggling secretary making $35K a year … to impacting tens of thousands of lives.

(And she’s made the kind of income most only dream of.)

Suzanne is generously hosting a free LIVE training appropriately called the “Help More People Formula” … and I just had to tell you about it.

Monday January 23rd
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A sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

Clarity about how to create immediate income from “dream clients”

How to overcome “stuckness” and build momentum

How to turn your mess into a message that makes REAL money

Why you have been struggling (and how you can use your story and experience to turn everything around today)

How to clearly identify your dream clients and know exactly where to find them and how to close them (without being salesy)

Pretty AWESOME right? That's why I'm a proud affiliate for this event! Don’t miss this chance to learn how to leverage more impact, help more dream clients, and make the money you deserve.

Lisa xo
P.S.- this training is LIVE and there is NO replay, so make sure to sign up here:

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Saturday Blessings! I swinging by with a quick and easy way to bring more magic into your life - Gemstone Water.

I just began a practice of drinking gemstone water every day and I've got to tell you, I feel great, so I thought I'd share it with you!

Combination #1: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Crystal Quartz

I drink a big glass of water with this gemstone combination as soon as I get out of bed - before my coffee. This combination improves perception, intuition, empathy and is good for grounding and stress reduction.

Combination #2: Carnelian and Crystal Quartz

I drink a big glass of water with this gemstone combination when I'm dragging ass or if I'm procrastinating on a project that needs finishing. This combination helps with courage and overcoming difficulties.

CAUTION: Please note that not all gemstones can be put in water, some gemstones are toxic, so please do your due diligence before experimenting with your crystal collection.

RESOURCE: Here's a link to check out my favorite book on the subject entitled GEM WATER

TOTALLY FABULOUS: Check out what I just bought myself so I can take Gem Water with me safely on the go - OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Lovely one, empowering your life with magic is really simple when you have practical ways to add it into your daily habits. Drinking Gem Water is a win/win - you'll up your water intake, which is SO good for your health AND you'll enjoy the healing benefits (and high vibration) of crystals and gemstones!

Magical Blessings,
Lisa XO

P.S. Enrollment for The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ is open and I'm giving you a powerful tool of transformation as a BONUS GIFT - a copy of my Your Goddess Year™ 2017 Workbook! If you liked the idea of making Gem Water, you're going to LOVE being a member of the The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™, we talk about magical stuff just like this every day!
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Sending Friday Blessings To You - MY Magical Tribe! If you haven't done so already, PLEASE make sure you download my FREE GIFT - Goddess Lifestyle Swag. I'm reworking a bunch of things in my business and much of the Swag will be saying bah bye shortly. Here's the link to get the entire SWAG bundle:

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We’ve all heard about the importance of building a “tribe” but ever wonder…

“Why doesn’t anybody talk about how to MONETIZE a tribe … without feeling like a total sellout?”

It’s a tough question because that transition can get very tricky… and do all sorts of weird things to our emotions (and the emotions of our tribes).

My friend Suzanne Evans talks about this a lot. If there’s anyone that knows how to go from mess → message → monetization, it’s her.

She’s offering an incredible opportunity TOMORROW:

Nail Your Message and Find Your Tribe Workshop
Thursday January 19th
8:00PM EST / 5:00PM PST
This is a LIVE coaching session with Suzanne, not some pre-recorded thing.

Click here to join Suzanne’s “Laser Coaching” session >>>

Discover an easy and efficient 3-step path to profits -- even if you’re JUST starting out

Develop your success blueprint, reach a global audience, and leverage your content to create dramatic results

* How to build a tribe of rabid followers and gain the attention your message deserves

* Use marketing the smart way to attract the right crowd, increase your brand visibility, and even get free press

* How to get unstuck from the frustration and overwhelm of marketing, social media (and email and make these tools actually work for your business)

* How to become a prolific publisher of powerful content, putting the pieces in place to build a digital empire of unique intellectual property

* Become a thought leader in your area of expertise to be recognized by others

Click here to join Suzanne’s “Laser Coaching” session >>>

AND BY THE WAY >>> this training is LIVE and there is NO replay, so make sure to sign up here:
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