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Looking for a wonderful Wedding Singer / Funeral Singer / Christening Singer?
Looking for a wonderful Wedding Singer / Funeral Singer / Christening Singer?


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I would like to invite you to 2 Free Public Singing Recitals, the first is on the 16th of October 2016 Sunday at 3 pm in Tetbury Church, St Mary The Virgin on Church Street in Gloucestershire. The Singing Recital is called : Night and Twilight Songs and to mention some of the composers: Purcell, Bach, Schubert, Duparc, Wolf, Roussel, Barber, Bridge and Weir. The concerts are a Trinity LTCL Singing Diploma Programme, which eventually will be performed for an exam. My amazing pianist is Steven Kings from Bristol.
Th e 2nd concert is on the 4th of November, in Henleaze, Bristol, the Trinity United Reformed Church in Waterford Rd. It is at 7.30 pm on a Friday evening. Will be great if you can come, all the best Marianne
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Just to say that my websites all work smoothly again, after being transferred to a new host - including the contact forms. Thank goodness, it has taken quite a long time unfortunately. 
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Just an update on the moving of my websites to a new host. The emails work again - however the contact form on the websites can not be used until it has been reset to the new server. It may be a little while still before I have time to deal with that. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!
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My websites are being transferred to another host - whilst this is happening my emails will not be working - I will give you an alternative email here, which does work: once all is up and running again - I will write here again - Have a lovely Christmas x Marianne x
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Looking for a Wedding Singer, Funeral Singer or Singing Teacher, why not visit my website for more information. I have now got availabilities after a busy summer 07942 868 234
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I have just noticed that my old telephone number is still sometimes visible on the net, even though I moved half a year ago. If you accidentally ring me on my old number, when you are looking for either a singing teacher, wedding singer or funeral singer - do go to my website and get my new number or ring my mobile 07942 868 234 - look forward to hear from you
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has been so busy singing for weddings all summer - now back to teaching singing lessons again.
Looking for singing lessons in the Stroud area?
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Passed my Diploma Exam in Singing and Performance by Trinity College of Music, London. I hardly dared to read the results and started crying from relief and happiness when I read the examination report!  YES
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Dear Friends,
I have the pleasure of inviting you to a small informal FREE concert in The Priory Church of the Annunciation, St Mary’s Hill in Woodchester/Innsbrook on the 8th of March at 16.00pm (approx. 40 minute long concert) of course it is an advantage if you live near Gloucestershire UK.
(Watch out because there are 2 churches with a similar name in Woodchester and both next to schools, see the directions at the bottom of this message to make sure you go to the right church)
It will be really great if you can come!  Also I would like to add that you are welcome to bring partners, husbands, wives, friends, neighbours and relations with you, who you think might enjoy such a programme.
 - The concert has been prepared for approx. 2 years with the help of Michael Deason-Barrow - my singing teacher and Pete Rosser, the wonderful pianist, who is accompanying me.
In the middle of March, I will then sing this same recital programme for Trinity College of Music - with the hope of passing this 40 minute recital exam and receive a diploma in singing.
The programme is a musical journey through different musical periods, starting with Purcell, Vivaldi, Mozart, Berlioz, Poulenc, Ivor Gurney, Finzi , Britten, Berio and then Gavin Bryars.
It has been very challenging for me to learn this repertoire which is all beyond grade 8. Sometimes I thought I would never get to this place..................  I am now arranging a couple of concerts to get used to performing at this level, before facing the exam judges. Do give me feedback afterwards............ what is working and what isn't working so well. That would be so helpful for me....... 
If you know you are coming (on the 8th of March in The Priory Catholic Church of the Annunciation), it would be quite helpful if you could email me to let me know - however it isn't essential - I would just like to try and get an idea of how many free drinks I should provide for the occasion.
On Thursday the 20th of Feb. I will also be singing this programme, but at Trevor Smith's 'Music Club' at 2.30pm. in The Subscription Rooms. Trevor Smith, who is also a marvellous pianist, will be opening, playing a beautiful Mozart sonata and then Pete and I will do the diploma programme (mentioned above) after coffee and tea is served (there is a £5 entry fee to this concert).
With Love from
Marianne Asjiki Lihannah
(PS - see directions for The Priory Church of the Annunciation, St Mary’s Hill at the bottom of the email)
A Journey in Song
Love, Loss and Lunacy
From Early Music to Contemporary Music
Exquisite songs by Purcell,Vivaldi, Mozart, Berlioz, Poulenc, Finzi, Gurney, Britten, Berio and Bryars
Trinity College Diploma Singing Recital
Marianne Lihannah (Mezzo-Soprano) 
Pete Rosser (Pianist)
8th March 2014
 Free Concert at  
The Priory Catholic Church of the Annunciation,
St Mary’s Hill, Woodchester / Innsbrook
The church I am performing in on the 8th of March - The Priory Church of the Annunciation, St Mary’s Hill, which is almost in Innsbrook, it is at the border of Innsbrook and South Woodchester and it is almost opposite  St. Dominic's, the Catholic School.
Coming from Nailsworth direction on the A46 - pass the petrol station on the right - the road winds towards the right and immediately after you will see a pappa's Pizza sign on the right and on the left is a small road called St. Mary's Hill - drive up there and very soon you will see a sign on the right pointing you to the car park behind the church (which you can see), also on the right. Park there behind the church, the entrance to the church is from the car park and the back of the church.
Coming from Stroud on the A46 - drive past North Woodchester and South Woodchester. Eventually you will see a sign on the left pointing to Culver Hill, which is a road that goes up a hill towards Amberley. Then there won't be any roads on the left for a while. When you finally see a road on the left - you should also see a sign saying Pappa's Pizzas and immediately after the road on the left is a small road going up on the right called St. Mary's Hill - go up there  and very soon you will see a sign on the right pointing you to the car park behind the church (which you can see), also on the right. Park there behind the church, the entrance to the church is from the car park and the back of the church.
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My landline is out of order - apparently this problem has affected many areas of England due to severe weather damage. Please use my mobile number or email instead, until further notice. (See my website for the number etc.)
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