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Perry Ismangil

Auto connect on startup not working:

I ticked auto connect on server startup, however it's not reconnecting when Pi is rebooted, or when I restart server from within OctoPrint.

How do I troubleshoot this?

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Are there CAD files available for the parts?

Is it possible to have a delayed command after printing?

My fan is supposed to turn off when extruder is below 50C but it never does. So I want to turn off the fan 5 mins after printing finish.

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To PhotoMate R3 users:

Using camera import feature, the importer spends a long time scanning this item. Is there anything that can be done to speed it up?

I am importing on a Galaxy Tab S3, using USB-C card reader, reading the SD card from Olympus E-M10II camera.

Just starting out shooting RAW with Olympus E-M10II.

Any good resources on learning raw editing & processing? The more specific to PhotoMate the better of course.


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Without social and cultural thoughts, smart cities will only benefit the few.

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Feature creep is hampering Tesla Model 3

"In this respect, it won't make any difference whether the Model 3 has an amazing TeslaGlass windshield or roof or a flux capacitor — it needs to roll off assembly lines like a modern-day Model T, in substantial numbers, in about 12 months."

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If you think computer crimes only concerns breaking into servers and stealing data, think again.

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So your kids want to be a YouTuber? Here's what it takes:
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