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Third verse, same as the first.

Where the hell is the Google+ iOS app?

Is this thing on?

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Circles are useful for more than just sharing with others

I have a "Read later" circle and a "Drafts" circle, both of which include only myself.

When I see a post I want to read later, I share it only with my "Read later" circle. Then when I have some time, I open that circle and read through (and delete) the saved posts.

When I have an idea for a post, but no time to write it, I draft a rough version and share it with my "Drafts" circle. I can edit the draft by using "Edit this post" from the dropdown menu. When the post is complete, I just copy it to a new post that I can then share to my circles, after which I delete the draft post.

You can easily extend these ideas to collaborative sharing and editing.

Have fun!


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Testing. Testing. Testing.

Chicken Pot Chicken Pot Chicken Pot Pie

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Okay Google+ experts - how do I embed a youtube vid in Google+?
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