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Dan Neuffer
Learn How Recovery Is Possible
Learn How Recovery Is Possible


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It's exciting to see the amazingly positive responses and reviews of this book about how recovery from Fibromyalgia & ME/CFS is possible. Here are some of the recent reviews:

“What makes CFS Unravelled unique is that it breaks through the noise and focusses you on the underlying dynamics that the medical research communities have wrestled with for many decades. Understanding this is key for you to regain your health!”
Professor Kati Thieme, PhD
Recipient of the International Award for Fibromyalgia Research”

"I've been studying these diseases and reading the research for more than 25 years ... Dan has done the best job I've seen to date of putting all the pieces together into one comprehensive explanation."
Karen Lee Richards
ProHealth's Editor-in-Chief

"Hands down the best-written book of all fibro books...and I have read them all. I also agree with his conclusions 100%!"
Dr James Roberts

"After suffering with fibromyalgia for 13 years, I've read all sorts of theories and 'cures'. This is the first book I have read that provides a thorough and credible explanation for the symptoms of this disorder."

To read more reviews you can visit the Amazon page here:

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Great ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia book review - check out the book giveaway too!

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