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Got a problem few weeks ago.
Whatsapp over DISA ceased working.

I got messages from "action needed"

I updated DISA on my dual sim android phone (XT 1033)
also I tried to install DISA on another phone,

I can install it
I can add whatsapp
I can add the number
an after that got the same message:

please update you Disa and / or Whatsapp plugin. Your version is too old.

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nunca habia escuchado un estudio sobre shibolet / sibolet y fué asi que llegue a este link.

Tienes sabiduría de Dios.

yo en lo personal también oro por ese polígrafo, que podría ser nada más y nada menos que el don de discernimiento de espíritus, creo que toda la iglesia debería tenerlo para sobrevivir en estos tiempos.

Sin embargo la habilidad de perdonar es mayor a la de descubrir, el Señor, a mi entender maneja las dos habilidades en perfecta armonía.

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The market is very dynamic.
I was looking for SugarSync free version, but seems to be not available,
please correct me if i am wrong


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I took the plunge - Google Drive dive

and I added some spice, i am doing the same on two laptops (with the same google account).

BTW recycling Pauls conclusions i would say:

If you manage personal / business and other categories documents, you better create
1st the global category on your drive like "HOME DOCUMENTS" and "WORK DOCUMENTS"
later inside it create the "my documents" folder like the windows notation.

in your work laptop you can set to only sincronize the "WORK DOCUMENTS"
an at home to only sincronize the "HOME DOCUMENTS" 

The change of Google Drive destination Folder is yet tricky
Google Drive will not accept a non-empty Folder
I would prefer to make another partition calle "G" and put Google Drive Folder there (yes, on the root) and later My documents, just to have things clean.
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