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Adam Christie (Fractos)
aka Fractos aka mouse:dFp aka Dirty Fire Project
aka Fractos aka mouse:dFp aka Dirty Fire Project

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Regarding Dependency Injection
A colleague of mine recently posted on an internal Slack channel about this blog article:  How not to do dependency injection - the static or singleton container . Reading the article, I became aware of something that  a friend of mine had written about , n...

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Microscaling follow-up
Hello. Long time no follow-up blog about this. My  original post  detailed the problem that I was seeing with using Amazon’s EC2 Container Service to manage a cluster of identical containers that required to have traffic routed to them individually from a l...

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Configuring a containerised system
(from ) There are five basic methods of passing configuration into a container. 1. Building in configuration files At build time, copy configuration files into the conta...

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I can see the sea :)
I can see the sea from this train :) It's quite far out, with bright orange beached buoys in the middle distance before a platoon of wind power generators that are standing in the eventual water toward the horizon. Curlews are striding about, or maybe redsh...

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Canary farm
"Canary farm" An IT system connected to various other brittle systems that invariably picks up the blame for them being unavailable.

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Fractos-cumuli tipping point
Fractos-cumuli tipping point: When the monthly cost of the Cloud project you are working on exceeds your monthly salary.

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Deploying a .Net website to Amazon Elastic Beanstalk with TeamCity
Note for posterity. Steps I had to take to get a .Net website deployed to Elastic Beanstalk with TeamCity. I was originally working from this tutorial , but soon realised that things weren't going to plan at all. This was a pain in the arse. Pre-requisites:...

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Showing a stream in Immediate Window (for posterity)
Recording how to show a stream's contents in Immediate Window for posterity. In this example it's the response stream when a WebClient raises an exception: System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetString((byte[])$exception.Response.GetResponseStream().GetType().GetMeth...

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Bookmarks 20160216
Various public datasets I <3 p="" postgresql.=""> Shocked I missed this - arbitrary linkage to IFTTT wi...

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Microscaling with Load-balancing in Amazon ECS (part 1)
Currently I am involved in the development of a digital imaging platform for libraries and other institutions (the Digital Library Cloud Service, see ) This platform uses a wide palette of Amazon Web Services for the orchestration of movin...
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