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DIY: Indie Game Dev from Napkin to Profitability - a good talk where 3 indie game developers that managed to make it work full-time share their stories and tips on development and business.

DIY: Indie Game Dev from Napkin to Profitability | BIRKETT, ROGULA, NEVILLE, BAXTER

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Observation: Google sells almost as many hardware devices as Apple (

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Kindle's MatchBook program (low-priced e-book version for paper titles) works and is well executed by Amazon.

I clicked the button, it found 6 paper books that I purchased in the past and that I can now get for Kindle for a fraction of the price (they are all $3).

I bought 2 out of 6. They are both cookboks and it's nice to have a digital version in addition to a (heavy) paper book.

I don't care much about re-buying fiction - if I've already read it, I don't feel the need to read it again.

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Worth watching:

1. Tim Shafer talk from XOXO Festival (Tim Schafer, Double Fine - XOXO Festival (2013)). Talks about his experience funding an adventure game on Kickstarter

2. Cabel Sasser of Panic (Mac development company) talks about the history of Panic (Cabel Sasser, Panic - XOXO Festival (2013))

There are more talks from XOXO Festival that look interesting but I haven't gotten to them yet.

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I'm playing with medium, so I wrote up my thoughts on Blink (Google's fork of WebKit):

Summary: it's big and it puts Apple (and WebKit) in a tough position.

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Interview with Mike Lee

It's hard to sum up in few words but this interview with Mike Lee is quite interesting:

Mike Lee is a founder of Appsterdam and talks about his new company making educational games, some new audio technology (which I don't quite get) and his life philosophies.

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Videos of talks from Pioneers Festival

I've just watched, which is about basics of how to grow a startup, from a guy who did that for Dropbox and other companies. Basics are important.

There are more talks that look interesting.

BTW: isn't the Internet wonderful? The Pioneers Festival ( happened in Vienna, Austria and I can watch it few days later in San Francisco, US. That didn't use to happen few years ago.
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