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What our purpose is we established long ago.

We were obliged to forget it, and our true origins, when we drank the waters of the river Lethe before we reincarnated here.

Our challenge now is to remember.
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Why were we obliged to forget it? what was the use?
because every reincarnation is an experience, and you couldn't learn new lessons if you would remember your previous lives.
No, +Cristina Savio, that doesn't add up.  Surely we can only advance learning if we remember the past lessons.

Do you not know that humans only started to glue ideas together when we were able to conserve knowledge so that it could be passed on generation to generation?  The written word.

If you start again with no knowledge of what went before every new day, then you keep making the same mistakes and learning the same lessons for all eternity in a non-advancing eternity of grind.

Only memory of what went before can facilitate new learnings.
Well, agree, +Lee kowalski Walker. I've never bought into the past lives theory because of this very reason: if we are here to learn new things, and then we unlearn everything in the next existence, only to make the same mistakes, that renders the whole experience utterly useless. We all rely on memories kept by this society, not some pie in the sky.

Remembering past existences would have extinguished greed, pride, xenophobia, racism, sexism, age-related discrimination, genocide, and make all indoctrination impossible. 

That is why I was asking. I still don't buy it, although there are people, like Graham, whom I feel I've been knowing forever. Usually this is reciprocal, but it may be just a certain form of sympathy towards someone who's striving to live up to certain high standards. 
What preserves the knowledge of the past lives is the higher self , not the lower self who is incarnated in a phisical dimension and has to experience each new life from the beginning ... in fact we came on earth as crying baby and we have to re-learn everything about phisical life. What makes souls to evolve higher is not the phisical life but the experience that the consciousness makes about life. If you didn't amend your negativity in your past lives then the existence will make your life to repeat the lesson again and again .... because the meaning of life on earth is to learn to have love in our heart and to use the energy of love to solve the problem ... nothing else. As soon as people won't learn to have love in their heart they will reincarnate many times in less evolved planet like the earth  until they have learnt this lesson. The reincarnations in phisical dimensions will end when the lower self (the phisical one) will become more similar to the higher self who is made of pure light ... the light of love. The higher energy of love is what we usually call GOD ... but it is not a person it is a pure love energy field.
Well, this sounds like Earth being a correctional ward for souls. That means there's no chance for this planet to have a bright future? Cause good souls leave this physical dimension and go away? And we're stuck with the ones who never learn?
some souls have come back to help us read my link above ...
you have to look for the evidence by yourself ... go into your heart and see whether you can find any answer ... spiritual science can't be proved with 3D tools . We are Always free to choose our path in life .... to evolve faster or slower. Think about a world where only Love rules and where the contact with evolved spiritual beeings is a normal habit... where science and knowledge is available to everybody and where nobody has to suffer or pain . A lot of evolved beings are working very hard to make our planet a place of happiness and abundance and unfortunately a lot of human beings are still unaware and have no knowledge of universal love and they  rather prefer to believe in 3D science/technology or false dogmas. I know that my arguments might not be sufficient for you, I understand that and I respect your ideas a lot.
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Some people DO remember their past lives. Search youtube and you'll find recent news stories about this. I recall a news story about a 5 or 6-year old boy who had memories of being a fighter pilot on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific during World War II. He could remember the name of the ship, names of his crew mates, places they docked, experiences he had. Astounding. 
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