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The unfinished pillar still lying in the quarry at the mysterious megalithic site of Gobekli Tepe (south-east Turkey) where it was left by the builders 12,000 years ago after they discovered a fault in the rock. It is T-shaped like the majority of the finished pillars in the main enclosures. it is estimated to weigh about 50 tons. It is intriguing, and indeed paradigm-shattering that our ancestors of 12,000 years ago, supposedly hunter-gatherers, were able to contemplate moving stones of such weight. Photograph by Santha Faiia.
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Beautiful! Wonder when you get home... you got Peru soon enough.
There are a few of us ready to question the orthodoxed view of the past 
Absolutely amazing discovery! I wonder if this unfinished pillar will give some insight into what techniques and possibly what kind of tools they used to make and move these. Also curious if there were any animal reliefs started on the piece before they found the fault. Can't wait to hear more about Gobekli Tepi at your talks at COSM!
So many large type tuning forks where found in previous Egyptian unearthing, perhaps the tuning forks are the cutting, lifting, and transporting tools
We as species came out of Africa 200,000 years ago look how far we have come . there's a species that predate us by 500,000 year called homo heidelbergensis that grew over 7 feet tall (think where we will be in half a million years from now) had bigger brains than our ancestor's made more advanced hand tools could these be the giants (gods our ancestors talked about ?

Here is a video of ONE man moving a large 19,000 lb. concrete slab by himself with no machinery or pulleys, but just common sense and basic mechanical knowledge to lift it off the ground, stand it up, and lower it vertically into a hole.
I guess that since we know that large structures were erected in diverse places in the world, the same basic mechanical knowledge to do that was not that hard to learn. That simple construction knowledge was obviously responsible for things like the Pyramids, Stonehenge and the many others, but there are those who try to make the concept mystical and supernatural for their own agendas I guess. 
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