What appears to be a man-made pyramid oriented to the cardinal directions has been identified by sonar at a depth of approximately 40 metres (130 feet) under water off the Azores islands. See here for a video (Portuguese commentary) of the discovery: http://videos.sapo.pt/9j3fd6z5h8cVMiBr5sUa. The location appears to be between Sao Miguel and Terceira (the biggest Azorean Islands) and it also lies close to this underwater volcano: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dom_Jo%C3%A3o_de_Castro_Bank.

Many thanks to Pedro Branco, Eduardo Costa, Viviana Lopes, Daniel Mendes, Jo Anne Taisbin and others who have messaged me to tell me about this. The name of the discoverer, featured in the video, is Diocleciano Silva. It is not clear to me at the moment how recent the discovery is -- there is some suggestion that it might have been made several months ago -- but I would grateful for any further information that becomes available. Eduardo Costa and Daniel Mendes both sent me a link to this short article on the subject in English: http://gregdougall.wordpress.com/2013/09/21/an-undersea-pyramid-has-just-been-discovered-in-the-azores/

Looks like I might need to get my wetsuit on again! I wasn't planning any further diving research for the sequel to Fingerprints of the Gods but if this checks out I'm there!
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